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New York Law

New York City is considered the “capitol” of many things. It’s the capitol of the fashion industry, of the financial world and of the theatre. It’s also the second most populous city in the country after Los Angeles.

Even though the Big Apple might be the center of the universe for many people, all across New York State there is a wide variety of towns, people and attractions. Keeping all of that protected and maintained is the responsibility of the many New York laws. These laws are in place to allow citizens to maneuver through the criminal and civil courts with ease. Stepping into a courtroom can be intimidating but not if you understand the laws.

New York Criminal Laws

It’s a safe bet that most folks across the country have an understanding of New York criminal laws thanks to the popular television series “Law & Order.” Over the course of many episodes, lawyers and detectives throw around terms regarding to felony and misdemeanor charges as it applies to their fictional criminals.

In the real world, New York felony and misdemeanor classifications are very clear when it comes to the types of crimes a person can be charged with. Beyond the initial charges, there is another set of felony and misdemeanor penalties that kick into effect with a conviction. Simply put, it is all about the law and order.

New York DUI Laws

Within the realm of felony and misdemeanor laws are those that apply specifically to DUI arrests and convictions. Although you might not need a car to get around New York City, if you are driving under the influence anywhere in the state, you can be arrested and prosecuted.

New York DUI laws specify the legal definition of driving under the influence and the types of penalties you can face for a conviction. The penalties and fines for a DUI conviction increase with each offense. Most people don’t bother looking up the laws until they or someone they care about is already in trouble. It might help prevent a future DUI arrest by spreading the information around.

New York Gun Laws

In the history of crime, New York has seen its fair share of infamous shootings and murders carried out by criminals with guns. The New York gun laws are there to protect everyone in the state by providing clear and concise regulations with regard to the owning, selling or buying of firearms. Having laws about gun ownership means those who aren’t given that privilege can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

New York Divorce Laws

One other “capitol” that New York is famous for is Niagara Falls which has garnered the reputation as the honeymoon capitol of the world. Many happy couples have gotten their start at Niagara Falls. Statistically speaking, half of those happy couples might just end up in New York divorce court.

New York Divorce laws are very clear about the legal grounds and requirements for the distribution of property. They are also equally clear when it comes to matters of alimony and child support.

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