Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury lawyer represents a victim of a motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, fall or other negligence, who is legal and/or financial compensation. The attorney must be able to prove both the effects of the injury and the liability for it.

What is a PERSONAL INJURY Attorney?

A personal injury lawyer is a type of lawyer that deals with an injury to a person and tries to obtain some sort of compensation for their injury. A personal injury attorney handles the legal portions of physical injuries sustained by their client. Some types of accidents that personal injury attorneys deal with are railroad accidents, airline and other common carrier accidents, construction, or other workplace accidents. The injuries are usually a result of a dangerous or otherwise unsafe product and other injury-causing situations.

Serious Injuries Require Serious Investigation

Industrial accidents, construction-related accidents, and explosions cause traumatic injuries to workers. The lifelong consequences of these injuries are serious. We regularly work with medical experts to calculate the full costs of your injury, including the expense of lifetime healthcare assistance, lost income, and compensation for your injuries.

Protecting the Rights of Undocumented Workers, Temporary Workers and Migrant Workers

Undocumented workers, temporary workers and migrant workers form a large part of the workforce in many dangerous jobs where OSHA safety violations, construction accidents and machinery injuries occur, and are often injured in workplace accidents. If you are an undocumented or migrant worker, you ARE eligible to recover money for your injuries. Personal injury lawyers have taught seminars and written papers on the rights of undocumented workers and all men and women are given certain rights under Texas’ and United States’ laws. They can help you recover the compensation you need and deserve.

Facts About Personal Injury Law

A personal injury lawyer handles all of the legal bureaucracy involved in a personal injury case. A personal injury is when an individual is injured while performing a work-related task. A personal injury lawyer can litigate through all of the paperwork to find the best option for their client. The cost might hinder a person from hiring a personal injury attorney, however, for accurate legal advice a personal injury lawyer should be contacted.

It’s only when you lose your health that you begin to truly appreciate not only how essential it is to your life, but also how fragile it. A serious injury makes it clear that even walking, standing, or sitting up in a hospital bed is no small feat after an accident. Suddenly, even the most routine tasks have become all but impossible – and more frustrating than you ever thought imaginable.

When you have been seriously hurt in any sort of accident, you may be shocked at how quickly your life has changed, perhaps in an instant. The most important moments of your life – special family moments, great times with friends, promising opportunities at work – take a back seat to errands that are neither fun nor glamorous. The doctor appointments seem endless. You must undergo a host of medical procedures, some of which are uncomfortable, if not downright painful. No matter how hard you work to recover, your progress in physical therapy sessions is never as rapid as you would like.

Though it may seem that the accident has changed everything, one thing that hasn’t changed is your motivation to continue enjoying your life and being there for the people you care about. This may seem impossible without help. That’s where we come in. We know that getting your life on track after an injury is hard, even overwhelming. After all, we’ve helped thousands of victims overcome the obstacles caused by an accident. You may not know where to start – but fortunately, we do.

 Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

If you’re wondering whether you should hire an attorney, it’s probably a good idea to at least talk to one. Personal injury law is complex, and without sound legal advice, you could be leaving money on the table – money you need to support your family when injuries are harming your financial stability. Rest assured that our lawyers would never urge you to hire them if they didn’t think you had a legitimate case – after all, we don’t earn a penny unless you recover compensation, and both your time and our time is far too valuable to waste.

Injuries happen. In many cases, though, those injuries were preventable – and that’s what our attorneys look for. If someone’s carelessness caused an unsuspecting victim to get hurt, that victim has the legal right to pursue compensation for his or her damages. A few of the most common circumstances our injury lawyers handle include:

  • Dangerous products including items that are defective and pose a safety risk and pharmaceuticals or medical devices that can create excessive or unjustifiable adverse health effects.
  • Dog bites that cause serious injuries and occur on public property or while the victim is lawfully on private property.
  • Medical malpractice, which can include surgical or medical errors, misdiagnoses, failure to diagnose existing harmful conditions, and over-prescribing of medications.
  • Motor vehicle accidents involving cars, motorcycles trucks, buses, and commercial vehicles. Sometimes the victims we help are pedestrians or bicyclists hit by such vehicles.
  • Slip-and-falls in which a safety hazard on a property harmed an individual, especially indoors or outdoors n commercial properties.
  • Workplace injuries in which a third party, like a product manufacturer or property owner other than the employer, may be to blame.
  • Wrongful death cases, in which a bereaved family member files a claim as a result of a loved one sustaining fatal injuries in an accident.

Just as you could never have predicted the accident that hurt you, we can’t provide an exhaustive list of every type of victim we can help. What we can do is listen to your personal story, ask the most important questions, and give you an honest evaluation about whether or not you have a case worth pursuing.

 How the Personal Injury Process Works

The legal process can seem intimidating if you’re not involved in it every day, especially when an accident has already altered your life in so many ways. When you hire our attorneys, it becomes much simpler. We get the necessary information from you and work to secure you the maximum amount of compensation. We collect all evidence and file all paperwork so that you don’t have to waste your time dealing with complex forms or struggling to meet deadlines. We handle all correspondence and negotiations with the insurance companies involved. Don’t worry, we never accept an offer without first consulting you and providing our most sensible advice so that you can make an informed decision – after all, we’re working for you.

Many people outside of the legal profession don’t know what differentiates a claim from a lawsuit or a settlement from a verdict. This confusion may leave them reluctant to pursue compensation, afraid that they will be forced into a high-stakes, emotionally draining trial that could go on indefinitely. With all of the other consequences the accident has forced upon these victims, it’s no wonder that they don’t want to take on another potential source of stress.

In reality, a claim doesn’t mean that you will be pulled into a courtroom battle that will turn your life upside down. We have earned a reputation as both relentless negotiators and determined trial attorneys. So many of our cases settle without clients ever seeing the inside of a courtroom specifically because the insurance companies involved would rather pay you the amount you deserve than risk the tarnished company name and expensive legal fees they will have to pay if they lose a lawsuit. Even if your case does go to trial, don’t worry – our attorneys prepare your claim as if for a trial from the moment you begin working with us. That’s how we achieved a 97 percent success rate.

Getting the money you deserve after an accident doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is the right help on your side.

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