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There are many cities across the country that are associated with one particular industry. For Hollywood it’s the movie business. Detroit is the center of the auto industry. And for Washington, D.C. their business is running the rest of the country. Technically, D.C. is the District of Columbia which is a suburb of Maryland. Although not a state, D.C. has its own form of local government. However, any major decision like allocating money has to happen in the U.S. Congress.

Not only is history made in D.C. it’s also stored there in the many archives and museums that house the nation’s treasures and documents. Even with all that history, folks still live, work and raise families in D.C. And on occasion, they are confronted with issues regarding the law and court system. On the links you’ll find here, you’ll be presented with a complete overview of all the major law and judicial issues facing residents of D.C.

D.C. Felony and Misdemeanor Laws

Each state is allowed to determine how to classify crimes depending on the severity of that crime. Basically, if you are arrested for an offense in D.C. you’ll be charged with either a felony or a misdemeanor. Each type carries their own set of penalties. Can you be arrested for felony but be convicted for a misdemeanor for the same crime? Can a criminal arrest record be expunged or removed? What shows up on a background check? If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges your first step should be educating yourself with the differences in the two classifications.

D.C. Gun Restrictions

The local D.C. government recently attempted to enact strict handgun laws. These laws were challenged in the court and appealed all the way up to the Supreme Court. The irony is that the Supreme Court was ruling on a case that would directly impact everyone working at the court and living in D.C. What are the current gun restrictions in D.C.? Who is legally allowed to own or purchase a weapon? What are the penalties for breaking the D.C. gun laws?

D.C. DUI Laws

When someone is arrested for a suspect DUI offense it normally doesn’t make the news. However, in D.C. there’s a good chance that person might be working for the government and could even be a high ranking official. What are the specific DUI laws in D.C.? What are the penalties for a first time offender versus a second time offender? What is the legal limit for a DUI?

D.C. Bankruptcy Laws

It’s not a stretch to consider that a person filing for bankruptcy in D.C. will be doing so within blocks of where the original bankruptcy laws were written. Bankruptcy is a very complicated process involving many restrictions. What are the different types of bankruptcies? What qualifies a person to file for bankruptcy? Learn if the D.C. bankruptcy laws pertain to your situation.

D.C. Divorce Laws

Just because a couple goes through a divorce doesn’t mean there is a scandal. However, in D.C. reporters love to make anything into a scandal. Are D.C. divorce laws the same as they are in other areas of the nation? What are the legal grounds for divorce in D.C.? All the resources for understand D.C. divorce laws can be found here.

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