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Oklahoma Law

Oklahoma is a state covered with over ten million acres of forest. Six percent of that land is for public use. A large portion of the rest of those ranges have been set aside as protected land. Basically this means that the land can’t be developed and is left to nature to decide what happens. It is this wide open terrain that gives Oklahoma its character.

As far as protection for its residents, Oklahoma has enacted its own set of state wide laws. These laws cover all aspects of life in Oklahoma from civil matters to criminal cases. Most Oklahomans are proud to proclaim they are law abiding citizens. But just because they follow the law doesn’t mean they won’t need the law to be on their side. The following is a helpful set of law links providing general information about all the important Oklahoma laws.

Oklahoma Criminal Laws

Back in the Wild West days, many cattle trails stretched through the Oklahoma territory. And where the cows went, so did the cowboys which often meant shoot-outs, fights and general law breaking. Today, Oklahoma criminal laws leave no doubt as to what is considered acceptable behavior.

Over the years, the Oklahoma legislature has set ups distinct classifications of laws between minor offenses like misdemeanors or the more serious felony offenses. What makes a crime a felony is often based on the amount of damage done or the level of injury suffered by a victim. As you can imagine, felony crimes also carry more serious imprisonment penalties.

Oklahoma Gun Laws

Many Oklahoma families can trace their ancestry back to those early settlement days. Back then gun ownership was as common as owning a horse to get around town. Now, gun ownership is preserved with certain restrictions pertaining to who can legally own a gun. There are also gun laws on the books regarding carry/conceal statues and the selling of firearms.

Oklahoma Divorce Laws

“‘Til death do we part” is an important section of many marriage vows. However, the reality is that some marriages can’t last that long. The proof of this is in the fact that half of all marriages end in divorce. When a relationship has become fractured beyond repair, it is time to head to divorce court to settle the matter.

The best course of action is when both spouses agree on everything but if they’ve reached the point of divorce, chances are they are having a hard time agreeing on the little things. Oklahoma divorce laws clearly spell out the rights for both sides with regard to grounds for divorce. They also detail all the considerations for alimony, child custody and the distribution of property. Divorce is one situation where you really need to get fully informed before proceedings.

Oklahoma DUI Laws

Everybody likes to have a good time and folks living in Oklahoma are no exception. But having a good time doesn’t mean acting irresponsibly. Oklahoma DUI laws are put into place to punish those persons who are found to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and putting people at risk. The big goal is to make sure nobody drinks and drives. Short of that, the goal is to keep anyone with a DUI arrest record off the road until they get their act together.

Oklahoma Bankruptcy Laws

Just like divorce, bankruptcy is a situation nobody wants to be in but sometimes it is unavoidable. There are many complications and consequences that need to be understood before filing for bankruptcy in Oklahoma.

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