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A few facts about Idaho. It is the nation’s number one producer of potatoes (we all know that!) but it is also the leading producer of precious gemstones. That is why the nickname of the state is the Gem State. The state fruit is the huckleberry and the state fish is the cutthroat trout. According to current census figures, Idaho has just over 1.5 million residents. That’s certainly not a lot of people for an entire state when you consider there are some major cities with populations bigger than that.

As with other states, most of Idaho laws were created by the state’s legislature. As the forty-third state in the nation Idaho has the benefit of using other state laws as the foundation for their own. Ultimately, it comes down to which are the best policies to serve the citizens of Idaho. You’ll find a complete overview of Idaho laws and policies on this website.

Idaho Gun Laws

Like many states dominated by rural countryside, Idaho has a long standing tradition of hunting. Because of that, gun ownership is a primary concern for residents. To insure that their rights are protected while maintaining a high standard of safety, there are several gun laws that have been developed over the years. These laws pertain to who is legally permitted to own, sell and buy a firearm. They also cover concealed weapon permits and the transportation of firearms. Idaho gun laws cover all the variables of ownership and dealing.

Idaho DUI Laws

The best case scenario for a drunk driver is to have them pulled over and taken off the roads before any real damage can occur. That is why Idaho law enforcement officials are given a strong set of laws pertaining to driving under the influence or DUI offenses.

There might be some common areas that Idaho shares with rest of the nation pertaining to the legal definition of drunk driving. However, the penalties for a first time conviction versus a second or third time conviction vary. Idaho DUI laws are very clear about the circumstances surrounding DUI incidents.

Idaho Criminal Laws

Law and order isn’t just a popular television show, it is how society keeps itself from slipping into anarchy. The Idaho state legislature has created classifications of crimes into felony and misdemeanor categories. Although a person can be arrested for burglary whether they are charged with felony or misdemeanor will depend on the circumstances of the crime. And each one of those classifications carries different levels of possible jail time and fines.

Idaho Divorce Laws

Idaho is no different from other states when it comes to divorce rates. Given the population numbers, Idaho’s divorce rate is on par with the rest of the nation. That means they have developed their own divorce laws which delve into the specific grounds for a legal divorce and the residency requirements needed to file. The issues of alimony, child support and custody and property distribution are all dealt with in the Idaho divorce law statutes.

Idaho Bankruptcy Laws

The downturn in the nation’s economy has touched every life and the citizens of Idaho are no different. Even before this current slump, there were still Idaho bankruptcy laws on the books to help citizens and businesses cope with financial ruin.

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