Best Attorney Reviews

Researching an attorney online isn’t easy – usually you can only find an attorney’s own website which tells you nothing about how qualified they are to represent you. We are trying to solve that problem by creating a place for people to share their real experiences with attorneys and giving others a chance to read these real reviews.

Best Attorney Reviews

In general, the best indicator of an attorney’s likeliness to represent you well is their history with past clients. This information is not at all meant to take the place of legal advice, it is just a place for people to share information freely.


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Top 10 Best Austin Criminal Lawyers

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Top 10 Best Dallas Car Accident Lawyers

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Top 10 Best Austin Divorce Attorneys

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Top 19 Best NYC Divorce Lawyers

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Top 10 Best Houston DWI Lawyers

Best DWI Attorneys in Houston A DWI, DUI, or BUI charge in Texas carries serious consequences. You could lose your driver’s license, face a significant increase in car insurance rates,…

Top 10 Best Houston Divorce Attorneys

Best Divorce Attorneys in Houston A hotly contested divorce is one of the most stressful situations a person can encounter during his or her lifetime. The parties may fight over…

Top 10 Best Houston Personal Injury Attorneys

Best Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston In Houston, there are between 42,000 and 59,000 auto accidents each year. Until recently, Houston had the highest number of accident injuries…

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A criminal case may be more complex than you imagine. Some people who have been charged with a crime make the mistake of believing that all they have to do is show up and “tell their side” of the story.

Unfortunately, the criminal justice process is much more complex than that. For instance, in some states certain defenses must be declared in advance, and if the deadline is missed, that evidence cannot be introduced in court.

Witnesses generally have to be revealed in advance, and in a certain form, or they will not be allowed to testify.

In addition to jail time, a criminal conviction may mean a variety of penalties, including possible:

  • Probation
  • Mandatory drug or alcohol counseling
  • Drivers license suspension
  • Registration requirements and restrictions on where you may live or work
  • Community service

Make sure that you understand exactly what’s at stake before you take another step!