Alabama State Laws

Alabama Law

The state of Alabama consists of sixty-seven counties, all of which are governed by the Alabama state Constitution. This constitution states that sixty of the sixty-seven states have either no or almost no home rule. The counties that do not have this law include Mobile, Lee, Jefferson, Shelby, Madison, Tuscaloosa, and Montgomery. The state of Alabama also has very specific laws in relation to felonies, bankruptcy, divorce, gun laws, labor laws, and many other laws that keep the citizens of Alabama safe.

Alcohol Consumption

Alabama is considered to be a control state in relation to alcoholic beverages. This means that the government can fully monopolize the sale of alcohol. By law each county has the right to consider itself a dry state where no alcohol can legally be sold in that area.

Some states have no tolerance laws for minors and drunk driving. Alabama law states that any minor found having a blood alcohol content level between point 0.02 percent and 0.08 percent will have his or her driver’s license automatically suspended for thirty days.

Gun Laws

The laws of Alabama do not allow its citizens to carry concealed air guns, firearms, or pistols. Those who do so are to be charged with illegal activity and will be prosecuted as such. Unlike some other states, Alabama law does not allow citizens to have pistols on their persons or in their personal vehicles without a concealed weapons permit.

This law however does not apply to the carrying of firearms on personal property, such as in the home or on owned land, or at a business establishment. Those who are in the business of common carriers or who are officers for law enforcement may legally have firearms at anytime. All other citizens must have the firearms wrapped tightly when being carried and must have any handgun unloaded when traveling with the firearm from one place to another, such as from a repair business to a home of residency.

Divorce Laws

Alabama has specific laws for who is allowed to file for divorce inside the state borders. Not all residents apply. The law states that an individual must reside within the state for no less than six months before he or she may apply for a legal Alabama divorce. The county in which an individual resides is also important because each county circuit court handles divorce cases.

Individuals may file in their county of residency or that of their spouse’s if they reside in separate counties. Alabama law also states that if one spouse is an Alabama state resident and the other is not, the non-resident can legally file for divorce in his or her spouse’s Alabama county of residency.


All United States citizens have the right to be hired, but no federal law or Alabama state law requires an employer to hire an individual simply because he or she applied for a position. As an employ-at-will state, Alabama citizens have the right to terminate or decline to hire an individual at any time. However an individual cannot be terminated or declined employment for discriminatory purposes.

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