Alabama Labor Laws

Alabama Maternity Leave

By federal law Alabama allows new mothers to take twelve weeks of unpaid maternity leave without the risk of losing a job. Maternity leave protects a woman’s job for personal and medical reasons towards her health or that of her child. Maternity leave also includes time allowance for a new mother to bond with her child or adoptive parents to bond with their child.

In Alabama, maternity leave is to be used continuously. This means that the twelve weeks must be taken in a row and not split up over several months. Under FMLA a woman will return to her former occupation following maternity leave at the same salary. Under Alabama law, an employer has the right to deny a request to return to part-time work prior to the twelve-week maternity completion.

Alabama Labor Law Breaks

Regarding breaks for workers 16 and older, Alabama falls back on federal legislation. If an employer decides to offer a break, it must only be compensated if it is longer than 20 minutes. As long as the employee is entirely relieved of all obligations, breaks longer than 30 minutes are considered meal intervals and do not require payment.

Alabama Wage Law

The state of Alabama states that no individual working within the state is to be paid less than seven dollars and twenty-five cents an hour. This is the minimum wage requirement for the state. Alabama complies with the federal plan for wages rather than creating its own plan for wages.

Alabama Hiring and Firing

The state of Alabama does not have any laws requiring an individual to be hired upon application. Under this Alabama is considered an employ-at-will state where the employer may hire an individual at his or her own discretion as well as fire an individual.

The only requirement for hiring or firing employees includes non-discriminatory reasoning. Under these laws an individual may not be denied employment because of national origin, race, age, gender, disability, religion, or color, nor can an individual be fired for these reasons. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires employers to stand by federal laws.

Employee Duties

Alabama law requires that an employment establishment provide a safe environment for employees. Safety devices are required within the establishment where an employee may protect him or herself or others when necessary. Trespassers do not fall under this requirement. Employers are also required to maintain and repair the establishment as necessary for safety purposes.

Alabama Right to Work Law

Alabama residents have the right to employment despite belonging to or not belonging to a labor organization or labor union. Membership to a labor union cannot be required upon employment as it is against public policy nor can an employer prohibit an employee from joining a labor union. An employer also cannot require a former employee to remain a member of a labor union.

Employers are not allowed to require union due payments as employment conditions along with such charges or fees. However an employer does have the right to deny an individual employment or withdraw employment if the individual violates Alabama law sections 25-7-32, 25-7-34, or 25-7-33.

Jury Duty Laws

Alabama law requires than employers allow absence from employment for the purposes of jury duty. Under this law an employee cannot be penalized. An employer is required to provide compensation to the summoned full-time employee for the time of his or her absence. An employee is first required to present the summons to his or her employer at least one day prior to attendance.

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