Marriage isn’t always a fairytale ending

When you got married, you were the loveliest woman on earth.  You looked like a dream and your future is to live happily ever after with your husband.  But no matter how hard you both try to save it, it just didn’t work out.  So you went your separate ways and you’re left alone to cope with divorce aftermath.

Figure out what’s best for you and for him

And there you find yourself still thinking about him.  You can count so many reasons why you can never be together anymore.  If you ask your well-meaning friends and families about it, they would often tell you that you’re better off without him.  They could be right and they only want what’s best for you.

When divorce becomes the only solution

So if you think that getting back together would only bring you both more pain and suffering, would only cause more broken dreams and promises, then let it go, accept its end and give yourselves time to heal and move on.  Sometimes, the most painful decisions are truly the best ones to make.  Help yourself cope with divorce.  Be strong, take courage and have faith that life goes on and everything will turn out right for you in the end.

Look into the bright side of life

Surround yourself with good friends.  Keep your mind occupied with new hobbies or pursue a dream you have set aside during your married life.  Learn to love yourself all over again, forgive yourself and your ex-husband.  And you must be prepared to also accept the fact that someday you and your ex-husband will meet someone new and find happiness again.