Top 10 Best Austin Divorce Attorneys

Best Divorce Lawyers in Austin

Let’s face it! A divorce can be amicable or nasty, depending on the parties involved. This requires more than just knowledge of Texas divorce laws. It requires patience, compassion, understanding, and, quite often, legal expertise in other areas such as child custody, business, and finance. In other words, a divorce lawyer, Austin, must be a competent, sensitive, and part psychologist to be ready to counsel clients in various situations.

Family-related cases, especially the Texas divorce process, can be complicated and emotional for everyone involved. When couples decide to separate, even if the decision is mutual and amicable, problems can still arise when dividing property and assets, especially when determining child custody arrangements. A civil divorce can quickly turn sour, leading the parties into numerous disputes. Since filing for divorce can take several months and even years to finalize, having an elite family lawyer working on your case will ensure that everything runs smoothly and quickly.

The number of couples filing for a divorce in Austin and other Texas cities has constantly been growing. As a result, the business has been booming for divorce lawyers in Austin and every corner of the state. This makes it challenging to select the one that is the most competent and cost-effective.

In Austin, Texas, some law firms claim to offer exceptionally-capable legal services. However, how can you be sure that any divorce law firm in Texas will handle your divorce suit to your best advantage? The best choice is to go with a leading divorce attorney in Austin with an established reputation.

These leading divorce attorneys in Austin, Texas, have a sensitive, compassionate, and experienced staff that is both friendly and intelligent. In addition to their legal expertise, they offer their clients essential moral support and assistance because they fully understand how stressful these legal actions can be. Moreover, clients find the atmosphere warm, sensitive, and always graceful, which goes a long way toward easing the concerns and frustrations of their clients going through a divorce. We evaluated 143 Austin Divorce Lawyers – here are our top 10 picks.

Cordell & Cordell

301 Congress Ave. Suite 1800, Austin, TX 78701; 512-691-1001 

Cordell & CordellFathers hire Cordell & Cordell because the firm is solely dedicated to actively advocating for the rights of men and fathers during a divorce. Their attorneys recognize how the deck is frequently loaded against men in family law and are devoted to leveling the playing field by providing the legal counsel and tools necessary to give them the best chance of victory. Cordell & Cordell’s divorce attorneys understand how much children rely on their fathers, which is why they work hard to guarantee that fathers can depend on them. –

Law Office of Amy K. Gehm, L.L.C.

1114 Lost Creek Blvd #310, Austin, Texas 78746; 512-327-7272

Amy GehmMany men are anxious that they would be stereotyped and ignored in divorce proceedings and that courts will issue rulings that disadvantage men. Men are apprehensive that women will be given preferential treatment in the judicial system, particularly regarding child support and asset division following divorce. Men are more likely to stay in a terrible marriage because they are afraid of not being able to see their children consistently following a divorce. A skilled divorce lawyer can help you navigate the divorce process, defend your parental rights, and safeguard your financial interests. –

Law Office of Ben Carrasco, PLLC

108 Wild Basin Road South, Suite 250, Austin, TX 78746; 512-648-4607

best austin divorce lawyersBen Carrasco is an experienced family law attorney from Austin. He handles divorce, child custody, child support, property division, revisions, spousal support, and marriage agreements, among other things. Many clients have substantial assets to safeguard. Ben Carrasco is not afraid of a battle and has much experience representing wealthy individuals. Unlike some attorneys, he only practices family law. Ben Carrasco committed his profession to assist people during one of their most difficult moments. His calling is family law, and his client’s goals are mine. Ben Carrasco does not delegate any of his clients to paralegals or associate attorneys. He keeps his caseload to a minimum to provide each client with the most incredible experience possible. –

Vaught Law Firm, LLC

5929 Balcones Drive Suite 201, Austin, TX 78731; 512-342-9980

austin divorce attorneysThe experienced lawyers and staff at the Vaught Law Firm in Austin are committed to assisting persons going through the painful process of a divorce or other family-related legal difficulties. They only practice family law to give clients specialized experience and expert representation. They understand the emotional and often terrible toll a family law matter may take on your life, and we are here to assist you. They are prepared to help families and clients overcome practically any legal difficulty or impediment because of our breadth of experience in divorce and family law. They can accomplish this through traditional litigation or unique options such as mediation or collaborative law. –

Petrelli Previtera, LLC

500 W 2nd St, Suite 1900, Austin, TX 78701; 512-883-1684

best lawyers for divorceDivorce is a life-altering, multidimensional process that impacts almost every element of a family’s life. Petrelli Previtera’s divorce lawyers represent clients in Texas and across the country. They understand that each client requires a unique strategy for their circumstance. Because their attorneys are excellent negotiators and litigators, they can find the best plan for your divorce, whether it is disputed or uncontested. –

Reclaim Your Life After Divorce

Austin divorce lawyers have years of expertise battling for their clients. They understand the difficulties you may face during your divorce because they have assisted people like you for over two decades. Working through a family law matter may be a very distressing and challenging period for everyone concerned. Emotions are high, and dealing with all of the responsibilities placed on your shoulders can be difficult. In times like these, you need a trusted advisor and friend who can stay objective while always looking out for your best interests. –

Eric M. Willie, P.C.

3755 S Capital Of Texas Hwy # 295, Austin, TX 78704; 737-260-0366

contested divorce austinDivorce may be a painful and emotionally draining experience. Not to mention that divorce can have a significant financial impact, whether it is your fault or not. In such a situation, the last thing you want is to be represented by a family law attorney who treats you like a case number. Eric M. Willie understands that dissolving a marriage is a difficult decision to make. That is why their family law attorneys are ready to provide you with the assistance, guidance, and legal counsel you require to make the process less traumatic. –

Goranson Bain Ausley

3307 Northland Dr. Suite 420, Austin, TX 78731; 512-298-5250

divorce Austin law firmGoranson Bain Ausley, an Austin divorce lawyer, provides competent and sympathetic representation to help you navigate the divorce process. Our local Austin family lawyers are committed to offering clarity about what follows next and assurance that your future interests are safer, from Allendale to Zilker, Barton Creek to Mueller, and all regions in between. Divorce and family law cases include several complex and sensitive issues. An Austin divorce lawyer from Goranson Bain Ausley can assist you in making decisions that best reflect your priorities and achieve the final goals for your legal matter. We understand that to represent our clients best; we must listen and ask the right questions so that you can emerge from divorce unharmed and ready to begin a new chapter in your life. –

SSJM Family Law

4330 Gaines Ranch Loop, Suite 150, Austin, TX 78735; 512-337-6704

Without the assistance of an expert Austin divorce attorney, divorce in Texas can be pretty challenging. Every year, many Austin couples opt to divorce for a variety of reasons. Some divorces are amicable, while others are highly abusive and emotionally charged. Whatever the reason for the divorce, Austin divorce lawyer Abraham Kant of SSJM Family Law can assist you through the process as quickly as possible so you can begin constructing your new life. Contact them today to book a free case consultation and learn how they can assist you with your divorce. –

Noelke Maples St. Leger Bryant, LLP

901 S Mopac Expressway Barton Oaks Plaza II, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78746

Suddenly, you’re faced with major decisions regarding your children, home, finances, retirement, and future. You need a divorce lawyer with the talent and experience to show you the path forward and the negotiation and courtroom skills to help you achieve your objectives. Our promise to each client is to help you through a complex procedure as smoothly and simply as possible while keeping expenses low and providing the greatest level of service. We build on the greatest ethical foundation possible by supporting good family ties, focusing on the long term, and treating our judicial system and our opponents with dignity. –

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How Austin Divorce Attorneys Work with Clients

In most cases, it’s wise to consult with a family law attorney regarding any big event or life change, including a contested or uncontested divorce, child adoption, child abuse, child support changes, child visitation custody, or any other significant family law matter.

When you arrange an initial meeting to discuss your case with a divorce attorney Austin, you will meet face-to-face to discuss the issues that concern you most in your upcoming divorce. These include financial matters, child custody, and other family law matters. Your attorney will outline your legal options, possible alternatives and solutions, and more. They will also discuss your chances of success in any course of action you decide to take.

The road through your divorce will be less rocky if you and your spouse are amicable. The case does not always have to be a combative contest. Nevertheless, this does happen, and you need an effective, experienced reputation on your side from start to finish when it does. Even when the issues you must deal with are complicated, an experienced divorce lawyer, Austin, will protect your legal rights and avoid unnecessary conflict and stress wherever possible. They will also discuss anticipated costs and work with you to make your representation cost-effective.

You may face a series of hurdles during your divorce that a court of law must decide. These include obtaining a divorce decree, dissolution, nullity, legal separation, or another way of terminating your marriage. They may include child custody and visitation, spousal support, restraining orders, child support, etc. While the court makes the final decisions on such issues, having an experienced divorce attorney, Austin, will ensure you the commitment and skill necessary to help you through every phase of your divorce action.

Complex Divorces

These firms are experienced in negotiating and trying complex divorces, whether the complexity originates from child-related concerns, property, support, or all of the above.

High-Asset Property Division

Austin divorce lawyers can help you characterize and divide retirement benefits, stock portfolios, tightly held enterprises, sole proprietorships, and other marital assets.

Child Support, Visitation, and Custody

Your divorce attorney has the knowledge to safeguard your parental rights and assist you in developing reasonable financial arrangements for your children, from time-sharing agreements to multi-jurisdictional or international child custody battles.

Military Family Law

Divorce lawyers quickly guide clients through the process, from creating unique visiting arrangements to distributing retirement benefits following a military divorce.

Modifications and Enforcement

They will be an advocate when circumstances change, or one party refuses to comply with court requirements. They preserve their clients’ rights in a modification or enforcement matter, whether a divorce modification, a child custody lawsuit, or a Texas family law issue.

FAQs on Austin Divorce Attorneys

Why should a person hire an attorney that specializes in divorce?

If someone is getting divorced they should hire an attorney who specializes in divorce rather than a general practitioner, for example; just like a person who needs a heart transplant should seek the services of a cardiologist rather than a proctologist. Enough said.

What type of questions should a client ask of a potential attorney?

What is your philosophy on when to settle? How well do you know most of the judges in the jurisdiction where my case will be pending? What all do you charge for and what about your paralegals, secretary, and associate attorneys? What is your caseload like and what percentage of your practice involves handling cases similar to mine? If this case goes to court, what are some of the common and/or possible outcomes? What does a case like this generally cost? Do you know the opposing attorney and what are your thoughts about him/her and the likelihood of working things out without going to court?

How can a potential client be best prepared for their first meeting with you?

The client should have all of the relevant facts written down to save the attorney time, as time is money. Start with the basics like Who? What? When? Where? How and Why?

You want to spend time getting your questions answered and formulating the best course of action and not just answering form questions from an attorney. Be prepared to talk about money and fees as it relates to doing things the easy/collaborative way or the contentious, litigious way. Be clear on what you want to accomplish and why, and then listen to the options. Ask questions and make sure that your personalities are a good fit, as this person will be entrusted with your future and it can be a long journey. If the chemistry is not there, abandon the ship.

What type of questions do you ask your potential client during the first meeting?

What is it you are looking to accomplish? Why? What is your plan? Who left whom (what is the motivation for the desired result)? What are the worst things that your ex will likely say about you and to what extent are those things true? What would it take to settle the case, as in what would be “acceptable” to you? What do you think the other side would realistically accept in order to resolve the case without unnecessary litigation? How much do you think this is likely to cost and why do you say that?

What do you see as being the most common fight of high-conflict couples?

Whether it is money, children, property, support, or anything else of importance to one or both of the parties, it is often about “being right, looking good, and having the other party look bad.” Most often it ends up being about money and kids and both are used to make the other one pay for perceived wrongdoings or shortcomings. Anger, fear, and revenge are big obstacles to resolution.

What advice would you give clients to get a divorce with the least possible conflict and pain for all of those involved?

Grow up, get a grip, and do what you have to do to work it out. If people would spend half the amount of time, money, and effort trying to come up with acceptable solutions as they will otherwise spend on litigation, most cases would settle.

What advice would you give a woman who states she has a physically abusive spouse?

It would be important and helpful if she could give very specific and detailed examples of any alleged abusive behavior and an appropriate risk assessment/evaluation would determine what course of action, if any should be taken. Discuss options for assistance and prevention of escalating and potentially dangerous circumstances.

How do you help a client determine what she should fight for and what she should let go of?

Try to settle all issues and any issues that can’t be settled should still be settled, if possible. If one has to fight to be treated fairly or for the best interests of the children then the situation might have to be litigated, but should only be done as a last resort, in my humble opinion. Fight to move on and put this all behind you and if something leads you in that direction and is an otherwise acceptable outcome then strongly consider it.

What is your view on mediation? Do you recommend it and can you explain what it is?

Mediation is where the parties come together with the assistance of one (sometimes a team of two) person specially trained in the area of communication techniques and conflict resolution, in an effort to come up with agreements. A mediator is a neutral person who cannot give legal advice to the parties, even if he or she is an attorney. Often, mediators encourage the parties to take any proposed agreement to independent lawyers for review and consultation. In my opinion, collaborative practice is more efficient. See www.

What is the best divorce advice you have to offer women who are just beginning this journey?

Educate yourself on collaborative law, communication skills, and self-improvement. Don’t use children as pawns, try not to escalate things, and be reasonable. Do not listen to all of your friends, co-workers, and family members. Take control of your circumstances and recognize that this is a process and you will get through it and most likely come out stronger in the end.

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