Why Men Leave Their Wives

Reasons Why Men Leave

Today’s women can find it difficult sometimes to keep their marriages alive and happy. Many women think about why men leave their wives and what they can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to them.

The fact of the matter is that our society has made it very hard for men and women to live in long term loving relationships.  Why? Because the rules our society has adopted are based on incorrect data.

The Misconceptions About Men

One of the most obvious misconceptions that are pervasive throughout our society is the concept that men really only want sex and/or have a much greater sex drive than women.  The fact is that men and women have similar sex drives but men have been encouraged, by society, to meet their needs while women have been discouraged from having sex until they are married.

This leads to many misunderstandings between men and women and how they approach their relationships.  It might mean a man will be more tempted to cheat on his wife because after all, it’s in his nature.  And it could mean that a women uses sex with the hopes of keeping her husband in love with her so he will stay in the marriage.

If we really got to the bottom of things though we would understand that men and women want basically the same things in a relationship.  Both want to feel loved, respected, and desired by their partners.  When you break it down like that it doesn’t really seem all that hard, does it?

Meet Your Husband’s Needs

If you want to keep your marriage strong try to meet your husbands needs…all of them, not just sexually. A word of caution here though.  Because of the way our society has told us to behave women have the tendency to think that they have to meet their husbands needs even if that means ignoring their own.  No! All that will do is make you resentful and bitter and that won’t keep a marriage intact.

Keep Your Marriage Happy, Healthy, Stable

While it’s important to try to meet your husbands needs it can’t be done to the detriment of your own.  Don’t put your wants and needs on hold to satisfy your husband, you’ll be unhappy, he’ll be unhappy (and bored) and the marriage won’t last.  For a marriage to thrive both parties need to be happy, healthy, stable, and have their needs being met on a regular basis.

So for any women who wants to know why men leave their wives it’s usually because his needs aren’t being met, and I don’t just mean his sexual needs.  I mean on some level he doesn’t feel like you love, desire, or respect him and he will try to find someone who will.


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