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Best Divorce Attorneys in Houston

A hotly contested divorce is one of the most stressful situations a person can encounter during his or her lifetime. The parties may fight over everything and may find it difficult to imagine that the situation will ever end. While you may no longer be a spouse, you are still a parent. You need to ensure that all of your children’s needs are met. That requires financial support for them. Whether you are paying or receiving, you want to make sure that a child support agreement is accurate and reflects the financial standing of both parents. We evaluated 158 Houston Divorce Lawyers – here’s our top 10 picks.

Longworth Law Firm, P.C.

440 Louisiana St Suite 977, Houston, TX 77002; (832) 759-5100

Longworth Law Firm, P.C.Daryl F. Longworth is a Houston Divorce Lawyer licensed to practice in the state of Texas, and the founder of this law firm. At the Longworth Law Firm, we understand that divorce can be a stressful subject. Whether your divorce is uncontested where both parties agree, or a full-blown legal battle, we will put your interest forward and provide you with strong, aggressive representation. As your Houston Divorce Lawyer, our 1st priority is to negotiate a mutual agreement between you and your spouse. The more we negotiate, the more money stays in our client’s pockets. However, sometimes a mutual agreement is not possible. In this instance, we will prepare a strong case to greatly increase our client’s chances of a favorable

Von Dohlen Law Firm

112 W 4th St, Houston, TX 77007; (713) 443-6730 Von Dohlen Law Firm, our team of experienced divorce attorneys in Houston is deeply aware of the challenges our clients encounter during legal proceedings.  Our commitment is to streamline the litigation experience, ensuring it is as straightforward and stress-free as possible. This commitment is achieved through our dedication to transparent legal advice, consistent and timely communication, fair pricing, and vigorous advocacy in the courtroom. Reach out to our team of dedicated family lawyers in Houston for support and guidance.

The Larson Law Office PLLC

440 Louisiana St Ste 956, Houston, TX 77002; (713) 221-9088

Houston Divorce Lawyers The Larson Law OfficeAt The Larson Law Office, our divorce attorneys firmly believe in providing custom, quality representation and maintaining honest communication with each of our clients. This means, that when you call us with an urgent question about your divorce case, you will not be delegated to speaking with a paralegal or secretary. You will also not suffer the unpleasant surprise of having a junior lawyer who you certainly did not hire and have never met, show up in Court or in mediation to represent you.

Diggs & Sadler

5300 Memorial Dr #900, Houston, TX 77007; (713) 766-5355

Filing for divorce in Texas is one of the most complicated things you may ever do – legally and emotionally. Finding a divorce lawyer near you who is capable of protecting your rights under divorce laws in Texas and fighting for your best interests in court, all while dealing with your case empathetically, is vital if you want to achieve the best results. At Diggs & Sadler, our Houston divorce lawyers utilize a meticulous, client-focused approach to divorce that helps clients get what they want.

C.E. Schmidt & Associates, PLLC

16000 Memorial Dr #230, Houston, TX 77079; (281) 550-6650

If you’ve decided on a divorce, Eric and Michelle Schmidt help you understand the options and what needs to happen to successfully execute each one. A complex decision such as whether to have your spouse “served” or to present a “waiver of service” requires both mature and experienced analysis of your particular circumstances. Whether to adopt a conciliatory approach or aggressively conduct depositions, immediately serve your spouse with discovery, and/or schedule a mediation as soon as possible are options that can have lasting consequences. The tone that is set early in the divorce process often significantly impacts the outcome. A heated and highly embattled posture may bring immeasurable harm to children caught up in the storm. Because of our legal and life seasoning, we provide the experience and measured guidance.

Houston Divorce Counsel

777 Dairy Ashford Rd #30, Houston, TX 77079; (281) 937-4131

Our Houston, TX family law office’s expert Texas divorce attorneys meet with our Texas family law clients in our office, or if more convenient, at their homes or any other location of their choice. We provide each of our Texas family law clients with a free and confidential initial consultation during which one of our expert Houston family law specialists will gather all of the information required to determine our client’s specific goals and objectives in resolving a Texas family law matter. Call or email our Houston family law attorneys today. We would be delighted to represent you in your Texas family law case.

The Alsandor Law Firm

3801 Kirby Dr #720, Houston, TX 77098; (281) 694-5282

The Alsandor Law Firm is a Houston boutique law firm with a focus on simple and complex divorce cases involving the division of assets such as businesses, retirement, financial accounts, and real estate. Cheryl Alsandor leads the Alsandor Law Firm team and is a Houston divorce lawyer who is board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. She and her team take each client’s individual needs to heart.  We also provide diligent representation for child custody cases involving joint or sole child custody, child support matters involving self-employed and employed persons, paternity cases, adoptions, name changes (adult or child), and the modification and enforcement of prior

The Rudisel Law Firm, P.C.

1415 N Loop W # 910, Houston, TX 77008; (713) 781-7775

Though there are many divorce lawyers in Houston, finding one you can trust can be a difficult process. Who can you trust with your family, property, and ultimately your future? Attorney, Shawn M. Rudisel has been recognized by his colleagues and peers as one of the Top Divorce Lawyers in Houston for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017 for his dedication to the practice of Texas family law litigation. Having personally experienced the divorce process and being a proud father of six children, Mr. Rudisel has a perspective that few other family law attorneys have.

Busby & Associates, Family Law

6100 Corporate Dr #190, Houston, TX 77036; (713) 974-1151

Houston Divorce LawyerLocated in Houston, Texas, Busby & Associates offers professional legal help in the areas of Bankruptcy, Divorce, and Family Law through its team of highly experienced & qualified attorneys. We are proud to have Award-winning Best Divorce Lawyers in Houston, Texas. Our Lawyers are honored to receive this Award and Recognition, and our firm has tried over 200 family law and divorce cases over the last 16 years. A significant number of lawyers were awarded for doing their best.

Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC

707 Cypress Creek Pkwy Suite 400, Houston, TX 77068; (281) 810-9760

Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLCAre you seeking the assistance of an attorney in Houston? Whether you have started the divorce process or you are just filling out the preliminary papers, you may benefit from contacting the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC. While the firm has extensive experience in law, they also know that no divorce case is the same. What worked for one client may not work in your case. For example, some clients can achieve an amicable and fast divorce through the method of mediation. Other couples have to go through the courts because they are involved in a contested divorce. Regardless of whether your divorce calls for mediation, negotiation, or litigation, you can be confident that the team has the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to assist you from the beginning of your case until the resolution.

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Divorce in Texas

In Texas, under the current no-fault system, you can get a divorce based on insupportability (irreconcilable differences) without needing permission or approval from your spouse. This doesn’t mean that divorce will be easy. Your spouse or their lawyer can still put roadblocks in your way and make unreasonable demands.

Most Judges require mediation to occur at some point during a family law suit, and some judges will not let your case be presented before the court without the parties attending mediation first.  Attorneys often recommend mediation for reaching settlement agreements involving child custody, support, marital property division and other vital issues. Mediation is cost effective and has many advantages over litigation. Benefits include:

  • The divorcing partners can achieve creative solutions for their unique family situation.
  • The client maintains control of important life decisions, those decisions are not left in the Judge’s hands.
  • The client does not need to share private family information with a judge, and private family information need not be placed in the public record.

Mediation may not work for everyone, and litigation is sometimes necessary. This can occur when mediation is attempted but an agreement cannot be reached.  As experienced courtroom attorneys, we are not intimidated by the courtroom or having a hearing, if your case does not settle at mediation or mediation is not right for your case, we will aggressively represent your interests in court.

Texas introduced no-fault divorce in 1970 to avoid the necessity of drawn-out legal battles and unscrupulous tactics to prove or defend against allegations of misconduct such as cruelty, adultery and abandonment. The no-fault system also prevents one spouse from withholding consent to divorce as a means of extracting an unfair division of assets or child custody agreement.

While the majority of divorce cases in Texas are resolved out of court through negotiations, difficult issues can still be litigated before a judge. In addition, allegations of misconduct are still often raised to argue for a particular child custody order, visitation schedule or division of assets.

In certain cases where a husband or wife is financially dependent upon the other spouse, temporary alimony, or spousal support, may be awarded to help them become employed and self-supporting.

Texas Contested Divorces

Contested divorces in Houston generally center on property or children. One great disadvantage of this situation is that a judge can determine the temporary arrangements for kids, housing, and support for as long as the divorce takes. And it can sometimes take a long time. There is a discovery period, where each party requires the other to produce relevant documents about income and assets. If custody is at issue, there may be a social study, drug tests or an amicus attorney appointed to evaluate the situation. If the parties cannot agree to There may be mediation. If the parties are unable to agree, there will be a trial. If one party is accusing the other of fault, or causing the divorce, there can be an investigation which could result in an unequal property division, or custody and visitation limitations. The whole process can last from two months to seven months or more, requiring the parties to live according to the temporary orders until the divorce decree is finalized.

A Houston Divorce Lawyer can handle all aspects of divorce I can assist with all divorce-related issues, including:

  • Clarification and explanation of the Texas Family Code
    that governs divorce and family law
  • Guidance regarding
    grounds for divorce and the filing of an original petition for
  • If you and your spouse or partner have agreed on
    issues such as these, it may be possible to obtain an
    uncontested divorce, which is inexpensive and relatively
  • Discovery and division of marital property and liabilities
    Temporary restraining orders or injunctions to prevent transfer or “hiding” of assets and possible harassment
  • Post-divorce modifications
  • Temporary orders to determine such things as who stays in the home during divorce proceedings, living arrangements for children involved, who pays the bills during this time, and more
  • Grandparent’s rights
  • Child custody, including joint custody and sole custody
  • Child visitation, or parenting time
  • Child support and paternity matters
  • Spousal support, or alimony
  • Paternity questions

Even if you have issues and are contesting the divorce, I may be able to help you reduce stress and expense by using collaborative family law techniques. In short, I can handle any divorce-related issue, taking care of the details and paperwork required for a dissolution of marriage. Contact my Houston law if you are thinking about divorce.

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  1. My husband and I had been married for over a decade and had two children together. Unfortunately, our relationship had deteriorated over the years, leading to constant arguments and disagreements. Things quickly turned ugly when it came to dividing our assets and determining child custody. We were adamant about getting our fair share and were not willing to compromise. This led to a highly contentious and emotionally draining legal battle.

    After extensive research and recommendations from friends, I hired a highly reputable attorney who specialized in complex divorce cases. Throughout the process, my attorney provided me with expert guidance and support. We strategized together, ensuring that my voice was heard.


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