Types of Felony

There are many types of felony offenses that an individual can commit. Felony crimes are certain unlawful acts that are more serious than misdemeanor crimes and can be punishable by fines, jail time, and other punitive measures. There are two very general types of felony crimes; those that are violent in act or intent and those that are not. There are also varying degrees that are assigned to different types of felony offenses that indicate the relative severity of the crime and the possible punishment a conviction would bring.

There are a number of violent types of felony crimes that can be committed. Violent types of felony crimes can include murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, rape, sexual assault, aggravated assault, armed and unarmed robbery, and other violent types of felony acts. In 2000, government statistics indicate that over 175,000 people were convicted of violent types of felony crimes in both the state and federal system. Violent types of felony convictions comprise only four percent of all federal convictions and four times as many in the state judicial system.

There are a number of types of felony crimes that are classified as property offenses. These types of felony crimes include burglary, larceny (including motor vehicle theft), fraud, and forgery. Approximately 275,000 people were convicted of these types of felony crimes in both the federal and state justice systems in 2000 alone. Approximately two-thirds of all convicted property offenders are sentenced to serve jail or prison time. The average incarceration time for these types of crimes is 23 to 27 months.

Drug offenses are also another major area of felonious acts. These types of felony crimes are generally non-violent actions such as drug possession and drug trafficking. In 2000 approximately 343,000 people were convicted of these types of felony crimes in the United States. Though the state justice system convicts almost twelve times as many drug offenders as the Federal system, the latter is much harsher on these types of felony offenders. Over ninety percent of drug felony offenders will receive jail or prison sentences. These types of felony offenders may also be required to participate in drug or alcohol treatment programs as part of their felony convictions.

White-collar and other non-violent crimes are other types of felony crimes. This type of crime makes up approximately one-fifth of the total number of felony convictions each year. White-collar crimes are a type of felony crime that takes place in a business or professional setting when one attempts to gain the financial benefit at the loss of another. Non-violent types of felony crimes may also include unlawful acts such as vandalism and receiving stolen property. Approximately 160,000 people are convicted of this type of felony crime each year in the federal and state judicial systems.