Embezzlement Defense

Embezzlement is the theft of property and/or money by an individual or entity that is responsible for handling the assets. Embezzlement typically occurs in corporate settings and places of employment and differs from larceny in that the assets are initially acquired legally. Because of this, however, a person or corporation may be falsely charged with embezzlement although there was no criminal intent. For example, a loan that goes unpaid for a long duration of time may result in embezzlement charges.

If you or a loved one has been wrongly accused of embezzlement, please contact us today to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can evaluate your case FREE of charge and inform you of your legal rights and options.

Embezzlement Defense

When an individual or an entity is charged with embezzlement, the burden of proof lies on the prosecution. Prosecutors must establish that the defendant took advantage of his position by converting another party’s assets into his own. It must also be proven that:

  • The disputed assets were retrieved by way of the defendant’s employment.
  • The manner in which the defendant allegedly manipulated the assets was fraudulent or constitute a misappropriation.
  • There was trust between the defendant and the entity that was allegedly embezzled.
  • The defendant intended to deprive the owner of the assets.

Embezzlement takes on many forms and in some cases, the line between appropriate use of assets and theft may not be entirely clear. A criminal defense attorney with experience handling such cases can help defend your legal rights and effectively raise reasonable doubt in a court of law, which can lead to an acquittal of all charges.

Consequences of Embezzlement Charges

Embezzlement charges can carry serious consequences regardless of whether the defendant is guilty. Accusations of embezzlement are extremely embarrassing and can oftentimes ruin an individual or an entity’s reputation. Furthermore, an embezzlement conviction may result in hefty fines and/or a prison sentence of up to 20 years depending on the value of assets taken and other factors in the case. To ensure your legal rights and interests are fully protected, it is important to retain a highly qualified and experienced criminal law lawyer who has knowledge of embezzlement law and can help reduce the charges or even get an acquittal.

If you or a loved one has been accused of embezzlement, please contact us today for a FREE consultation with a criminal law attorney who is dedicated to aggressively defending your rights to ensure you are not unduly punished.