Rhode Island Divorce Rights for Fathers

Rhode Island divorce rights for fathers are much improved from the way they used to be. There used to be a time when divorced fathers didn’t have many rights.

Primary physical and legal custody was almost always given to the mother.. Dads if they were lucky saw their children a few times a month.

Many men grew so frustrated with this arrangement that they simply backed out of their children’s lives, leaving behind bitterly hurt feelings and broken relationships that would never entirely heal.

Today, things are different. Family court judges have begun to realize that both parents play an important role in the child’s upbringing and that fathers have divorce rights, too.

Some of the most important Rhode Island divorce rights men may exercise include many options.

The Right to Contest the Divorce

This is certainly a divorce right, but many attorneys urge that it is wiser to let this one pass.

No judge in today’s society is going to force a couple to stay together when one wants out.

And�a man who continues to contest the divorce may easily come to appear overly-controlling or even threatening.

Much as you might wish to stay married, sit this fight out unless your lawyer tells you differently.

The Right to File for Child Custody

In the past, custody wasn’t given to the father unless it could be proven the mother had done something heinous.

Nowadays, custody is decided based on several factors including availability of a caregiver, stability of the household, ability to meet the child’s physical and financial needs, and child preference if the child is old enough to express an opinion.

If as a man you feel you can give your child a better living environment than their mother could, it is absolutely your right to file divorce papers asking for custody.

The Right to Ask For Child Support

Also, as a man if you are given sole custody of your children, you have the right during the divorce proceedings to ask their mother to contribute to their support.

The right to unsupervised visitation if you don’t get full custody of your children, you should ask for liberal, unsupervised visitation rights during your divorce.

Supervision usually only becomes an issue when there are allegations or proven charges of child or spousal abuse against the non-custodial parent.

If your spouse accuses you of any form of abuse, tell your attorney immediately.

The Right to be Free from Harassment

Sometimes an ex-spouse, displeased about how the divorce hearing went, will begin to harass you, calling you dozens of times during the day and night, stalking you, making threats or false allegations, etc.  It is your absolute right to be free from this behavior.

If harassment is occurring, get in touch with your divorce attorney immediately, he or she may recommend filing a restraining order against your ex.

Even as little as twenty years ago, the idea of a father having any Rhode Island divorce rights in a divorce was almost unheard of.

These days, more than ever, fathers’ rights are being respected in divorce court.

If you feel you are getting the short end of the Rhode Island divorce rights stick, don’t suffer in silence, speak up through your attorney and demand your rights.