Finding The Rhode Island divorce forms For A Low Cost Divorce

Cheap Rhode Island Divorces Or Online Divorce Kits May Be The Answer

It is bad enough that you find yourself in a situation in which your marriage is coming to an end. But, what is worse is the amount of money that you will need to spend to get a divorce.

You will already have suffered hurt and disappointment on account of the other party’s infidelity, or abandonment of a beautiful relationship.

Now, you will need to contend with a court case and much aggravation and hurt followed by a huge dent in your pocket.

Online Forms And Divorce Kits Can Help Divorces are usually long drawn out affairs and besides the inconvenience, there are psychological hurt and much ill will in the case of a contested divorce.

You would then be best served if you go through a Rhode Island divorce that will be over and done within a short time frame.

There are online forms to do the business for you and you may also need to represent yourself in the case. There is sure to be a minimal cost involved when you use pre-written divorce forms as are found in many divorce kits.

However, even if you can save on the monetary costs of divorce, you will still find it hard to get over the emotional upheaval, you need not go through a legal eagle as many online sources are a good and effective means of getting cheap divorces.

Along with the online forms, you can choose to represent yourself in court and then get through the difficult times with the cheap Rhode Island divorces method because you can also recover court costs from the party that instigated the divorce that forms a part of the docket fee.

It also does mean that both parties should be in agreement to settle the divorce terms.

If you seek advice on how to get cheap divorces, you will get a lot of advice that this is possible only if you undertake to negotiate and perform all the paperwork yourself.

There are also many websites that you can visit that offer a lot of information and provide services such as legal forms and divorce kits that you can download over the Internet if that does not suit you, then you can get a cheap Rhode Island divorces through mediation.

In your search for cheap Rhode Island divorces make sure that you do not have any unrealistic expectations, or fail to communicate well with others, and do not get entangled in an endless battle.

Keeping these simple and helpful things in mind, you should be able to get through cheap Rhode Island divorces without much trouble.

Rhode Island divorce forms

Why Rhode Island divorce forms because some divorces are messy from the beginning.

Perhaps one spouse is hotly contesting the divorce, or the couple can’t agree on key issues such as child custody or division of property.

If you’re involved in a divorce like this, you’d probably be smart to hire a lawyer despite the expense.

If your divorce is relatively straight-forward, however, with both of you in agreement on important issues, you may be able to skip the lawyer and file the RI divorce forms yourself.

There are several ways to obtain divorce forms. This article examines a few of the more common ones.


Call your family court and ask if divorce forms can be obtained through the court, if the family court doesn’t distribute divorce forms, ask if they know who does.

Computer Software

Socrates Media Divorce Kit, available both online and at Office Depot, offers a manual, a look at each of the different state’s divorce laws, and provides RI divorce forms for handling a divorce that is not being contested.

The Standard Legal No-Fault Divorce kit can be found online for about $50, and users should note that the RI divorce forms in this kit make no provision for children, so couples with underage children should probably look elsewhere for their divorce forms.


There are several excellent online sites that offer Rhode Island divorce forms.

One of the best is eDivorce Papers, located at, the site is extremely easy to navigate simply click on the state where you will be filing for your divorce, and you will be linked to a page about divorce law where you live, residency requirements, etc Rhode Island divorce forms can be downloaded at no cost to you.

My Divorce Documents ( Like eDivorce Papers, My Divorce Documents offers a look at different state laws governing divorce, buyers can then choose from different packages of divorce forms that range between $25 and $45.

My Divorce Documents are set up to deal with issues like a contested divorce or a child custody battle, however, it is rarely wise to try to handle complications like these by yourself.

When divorce turns complicated, it makes more sense to get the advice of a competent divorce attorney.

Another online source of Rhode Island divorce forms is

This site offers multiple divorce packages, some concerning children and some not, but all of them uncontested and agreed the packages of Rhode Island divorce forms cost around $45.

If you wish to pay extra to have them prepared, the cost is a staggering $249.