Answers to Some Of the Most Commonly Asked Rhode Island Divorce Questions

There are many different Rhode Island divorce questions that people have when it comes to ending your marriage.

Whether you are planning to start a divorce, are presently going through a divorce, or have already been through a divorce, you should definitely learn the answers to the most commonly asked divorce questions.

The Most Commonly Asked Divorce Questions

One of the most commonly asked Rhode Island divorce questions of all is why.

Both parties do not understand why their marriage did not work out, and both tend to feel as though everything was their fault.

When you first get married to someone you never in a million years presume to think that it is not going to work out in the end.

Even though one of the main Rhode Island divorce questions is why this is also the one that you have to get over the quickest.

Divorce is really no one person’s fault. Rather, it just happens that the two of you did not work out and that is that.

Another one of the most commonly asked Rhode Island divorce questions is where to start.

Where are you supposed to go and what you are supposed to do once you have determined that both you and your partner are positive that you are going through with the divorce?

The proper documents and papers will need to be in order, and you are both going to have to find a lawyer to help you out throughout the process.

You can go through it without a lawyer however this is not the wisest idea because the divorce process is incredibly complex. When it comes to Rhode Island divorce questions, there are no “stupid questions!

There are so many different details that you have to worry about, so having a professional there helping you out is the best idea.

Take your time when you are looking for a lawyer.

You want to not only make sure that you find a lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable but also one that you get along with because you are going to be spending a great deal of time with them.

Try not to get frustrated or too upset while you are going through a divorce, even though it may be incredibly hard because everything will work out for the best in the end. Just remember to write down all of your Rhode Island divorce questions and find the answers to them…by doing this, you’ll be able to have all of your Rhode Island divorce questions answered and not have to go back and ask more questions that you forgot to ask before.

Advice from Rhode Island Divorce Attorney

In most cases, a couple will retain the services of a Rhode Island divorce lawyer attorney for each of them, who is also trained in custody disputes as well as property settlements and many facets of family law.

Despite the proliferation of do-it-yourself divorce kits on the market, most people are better served with the advice and knowledge of a Rhode Island divorce lawyer attorney.

There are many different interpretations of divorce law that can be confusing to people not familiar with the proceedings, and a divorce lawyer attorney can help guide people through the maze to an efficient conclusion.

From the time a couple decides they are going to get divorced until the final gavel falls in court, using a Rhode Island divorce lawyer attorney can ensure that both parties get the best out of the hearing.

A Couple that has a lot of personal property to divide will rarely reach terms in which both feel the division of property is equitable.

While some disagreements will continue despite the best efforts, a Rhode Island divorce attorney can usually bring them together to an accord.

Without such an agreement, the court will make the final decision, a situation neither party typically wants to be in and one in which even fewer divorce lawyers want to participate.

Legal Fees Often Split Among Parties

During most divorce cases the fees for a Rhode Island divorce attorney are paid for by the clients respectively.

Both parties pay for their respective representation, however, in some cases, the legal fees are negotiated into the divorce decree dictating one party to pay all associated costs.

The use of a Rhode Island divorce attorney is especially useful when there is a demand for alimony and child support.

While support for children is mandated by the state or province and guided by the courts, there is a lot of leeway in the awarding of alimony.

Whichever party is responsible for payment of alimony would want representation by a Rhode Island divorce lawyer attorney to ensure they receive a fair and equitable settlement.

A good lawyer will be there to remind their client that because one party to the divorce is making demands for certain things is no reason to believe those demands will be met.

The reason why parties have separate representation is to make sure their client�s settlement is fair to both parties while not penalizing the other, especially in a no-fault divorce state.

While self-representation may work in some aspects of the court system, in contested cases a Rhode Island divorce lawyer attorney can be sure both parties follow the rules and receive the best settlement available.

Rhode Island Divorce Laws Giving Us Too Much Freedom?

Hundreds of people file for divorce every year and rely on Rhode Island divorce laws for various reasons.

According to some experts, the divorce laws of the United States alone have made it too easy for couples to go their separate ways by filing a divorce.

Although there are cases where divorce is the only option left for the couples, there are also many cases where the couples gave up too easily on their relationship knowing that the RI divorce laws of the country are rather lenient when it comes to granting divorce.

The debates over the seemingly lenient divorce laws of the country led some States to come up with their own rules and regulations regarding divorce.

Many legislators who are aware of the consequences of divorce on North American families are now pushing for more comprehensive Rhode Island divorce laws that can protect the sanctity of the family.

According to these legislators, the increasing number of divorces per year is undermining the unity of families which could lead to the further deterioration of values.

The No-Fault Divorce laws

Although there are many legislators in the country who are not really in favor of having lenient divorce laws, there are also many legislators who think that divorce is a choice that couples have to make.

According to the supporters of lenient divorce laws, when the spouses believe that it is no longer viable to go on with the marriage, they have every right to terminate the relationship and go their separate ways.

A belief is that spouses should be given the right to make their decisions freely regarding their relationship with each other.

Based on the arguments that spouses do have the right to determine their own future and to end a relationship that is no longer viable, some States came up with no-fault divorce laws that allow the spouses to divorce each other on a finding that the marriage is no longer viable.

The seemingly sweeping provision on divorce laws allows the spouses to divorce each other based on any reason or no reason at all.

For instance, if the spouses suddenly wake up one day and decide that they no longer want to spend their lives together, they can just simply file a divorce stating that they feel that the marriage is no longer viable.

In most States, such claims on the non-viability of the marriage are enough for the State to grant the petition for divorce.

Although there are many people who welcome the no-fault Rhode Island divorce laws, there are many who are skeptical.

As hundreds of people take advantage of the no-fault Rhode Island divorce laws each year, the question of whether or not we are giving people too much freedom when it comes to divorce will haunt us in the future.