Punishment for DUI

Punishments of DUI convictions vary depending on the jurisdiction where the crime took place and the specific circumstances surrounding the DUI incident. Punishments of DUI convictions can involve criminal penalties and department of motor vehicle penalties. Punishments of DUI convictions are intended to penalize the offender for committing the crime and to deter them from committing future DUI offenses. The punishments of DUI convictions for multiple offenders are often much harsher than the punishments of DUI convictions for first-time offenders.

Criminal punishments of DUI convictions can involve mandatory jail time, punitive fines, and a period of probation following conviction. Jail time can range from 48 hours to a few months of incarceration, depending on the nature of the DUI offense. Punitive fines can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the specific DUI case. Probation periods can be six months to a few years.

Typically during a probation period, a person is not allowed to drive under the influence of any quantity of drugs or alcohol. Doing so can result in subsequent DUI convictions and very harsh punishments of DUI multiple convictions. During a probation period, penalties for any crime committed during this time can be greatly enhanced. An offender will often be assigned a probation officer who will monitor the offender during the probation period.

Punishments of DUI convictions can also involve department of motor vehicle penalties. The DMV can restrict a person’s license for a certain period of time or revoke it completely. Punishments of DUI convictions, especially multiple offenses, may also result in the impounding of a person’s vehicle. In some cases, punishments of DUI convictions will require the installation of an interlocking vehicle device. This device requires a person to use a breathalyzer to measure the level of alcohol in their system. If any alcohol is detected, the car’s ignition will lock up and the vehicle will become inoperable.

In addition to these punishments of DUI convictions, an offender may also be required to participate in DUI School or some related program. Some offenders will be required to complete a drug and alcohol treatment program. Others will be required to participate in a DUI Victim Impact educational program. Punishments of DUI convictions may also include community service work.

There are a number of circumstances that can enhance the punishments of DUI convictions. When a child is involved in the incident, property or bodily injury resulted, the driver was traveling at excessive speeds or had consumed and an excessive amount of alcohol, or when the driver refused to comply with chemical testing, the punishments of DUI convictions can be harsher than they would be in other cases. A qualified attorney can help build a strong defense for an individual who was arrested on a DUI charge. This legal expert can protect and maximize a defendant’s interests in an attempt to mitigate the punishments of DUI convictions.