DUI Classes

DUI classes may be one component of the penalties ordered by the criminal justice system for the crime of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The possibility of having to complete DUI classes depends on the jurisdiction where the DUI took place, the specific circumstances of your DUI case, and the options available in your area.

The time commitment and course content of DUI classes vary depending on whether the defendant has had a prior DUI conviction, the defendant’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of arrest, and other specifics. All DUI classes must be approved by the court that ordered the completion of such a course. DUI classes are paid for by the defendant and can range in cost from less than one hundred to a few hundred dollars. It is important to know what DUI classes are approved for your case and to ensure that the court receives proper documentation of your completed course work.

Every state has different rules and requirements regarding DUI classes. Some jurisdictions mandate participation in DUI classes if the defendant wishes to regain any driving privileges. Some will require DUI classes if the offender’s BAC exceeded a particular percentage. Still, others will require participation in DUI classes upon any conviction.

The content and composition of DUI classes vary greatly from one jurisdiction to the next. Most DUI classes will discuss the effects of alcohol and drugs on the body, the harsh reality of drunk driving and its impact on people’s lives and society, the specific DUI and driving laws in your area, and alcohol and drug use and abuse education. In some jurisdictions, DUI classes will include a psychosocial evaluation of a person’s behaviors pertaining to alcohol use, drug use, driving, and other related factors. This can help identify the symptoms of substance abuse a DUI offender may have. These issues will be addressed in DUI classes and further treatment may be advised or required.

In some jurisdictions, DUI classes involve the completion of a MADD-sponsored or other DUI victim impact program. These DUI classes are designed to act as awareness courses to teach offenders first-hand about the trauma, physical pain, psychological suffering, and other devastation that is suffered by the innocent victims of alcohol-related accidents. The informational/educational component of these DUI classes may be followed by mandatory participation in a Victim Impact Panel presentation.

The Victim Impact Panel presentation portion of DUI classes is usually non-confrontational and allows a unique and first-hand look at the effect of drunk driving. People who have had their lives devastated by DUI-related motor vehicle accidents tell their own personal stories about how these events forever changed their lives. Regardless of whether an offender was actually involved in an accident, the perpetrator often realizes that a DUI is not just about getting arrested and having penalties imposed, it is about the thousands of lives that are put at risk when individuals choose to drink or do drugs and operate a vehicle. DUI classes are often designed to be a constructive and educational component of an offender’s DUI penalties.