Parent Coordinator

What is a Parent Coordinator?

A parent coordinator is one who facilitates parents with ongoing child custody and visitation issues. The parenting coordinator typically communicates with both parties on a consistent basis, providing guidance and making recommendations as needed relative to the upbringing of the parties’ children. The parenting coordinator works with the best interest of the children in mind at all times, and has typically been assigned some authority, either by the Court or the parties themselves, to make binding decisions relative to the care of those children.

A parenting coordinator may be involved with decisions on just about any matter concerning the children; some examples:

  • Visitation and/or vacation time disputes;
  • Weekly and/or weekend interferences with a parenting plan;
  • Debates concerning the education of the children;
  • Matters relative to the children’s sports, lessons, or other such activities and the payment therefore;
  • Medical care and/or decisions pertaining to the children;
  • Grandparent or other third party involvement and/or interference;
  • Parental alienation;
  • Allegations of abuse

Who Can Benefit from a Parent Coordinator?

Any two parents who have the responsibility of co-parenting a child! All that is required for participation with a parent coordinator is a mutual willingness to work collaboratively with the intention of resolving issues as they arise in the most private, dignified, and cost efficient way.

What are the Benefits of Retaining a Parent Coordinator?

Using a parent coordinator is far less taxing (emotionally and financially) when compared with the alternatives:  “fighting” it out with the other parent, each and every time an issue arises; or seeking court intervention anytime a dispute concerning the child is at hand. A parenting coordinator is able to help parents compartmentalize an issue, focusing on that matter only and not allowing negotiations to spiral out of control due to emotional factors. When the parents simply cannot agree, a parenting coordinator will make a decision based on the best interests of the child first and foremost. The resolution will be quicker, less painful for all involved and will avoid unnecessary attorney and court costs.