Wrong Surgery

Wrong-Site, Wrong-Procedure, & Wrong-Patient Surgery

It is almost inconceivable that a wrong-site surgery — a surgery performed on the wrong patient or on the wrong part of a patient — could occur. However, last year alone, there were 84 such accidents reported. Worse, some experts say that number is only the tip of the iceberg. Many states don’t require hospitals to report these types of surgical errors , so wrong-site surgeries probably occur but go unreported.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a wrong-site surgery, it is important to understand that you have legal rights and options. Please contact us today for a FREE consultation with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer who can help ensure your rights are protected.

Why Wrong Site Surgery Happens

Wrong site surgery is always caused by the negligence or malpractice of a medical professional. The fact is that wrong site surgery should never happen. Unfortunately, it does — frequently as a result of the following:

  • Poor or hasty pre-surgical planning
  • Failure to follow proper procedure
  • Poor communication between patient, staff, and surgeon
  • Multiple surgeons involved
  • Multiple procedures performed at once
  • Surgeons operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Wrong Site Surgery and Its Consequences

Sadly, the consequences of a wrong surgery are often catastrophic — physically, emotionally, and financially — for the victim. Perhaps the least of the consequences is that the patient comes out of surgery in the same condition as before surgery. More devastating consequences include accidental amputation and even death. In cases where the patient survives, further surgeries are often required. Patients usually prepare for surgery for weeks, and the preparation often includes taking time off work and postponing other plans. Patients can’t get this time back. To have any necessary corrective surgeries, the patient will have to lose more valuable time. Even more, victims of wrong-site surgery who later have the correct one performed face once again the risks of infection and other complications associated with surgery.

Victim of Wrong Site Surgery?

Fortunately for victims, doctors and other medical professionals who act negligently — intentional or not — can be held legally liable for their actions. If you or a loved one has suffered harm as a result of wrong-site surgery, you may be eligible for compensation for your pain, suffering, lost wages, and past and future medical costs. Please contact us today for a FREE consultation with a caring and qualified medical malpractice attorney who can answer your questions, examine your case, and help you plan a course of action.