Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction accidents are frequently quite severe, leading to spinal cord injury, brain injury, or death. Quite often, construction accidents involve OSHA investigations and also include numerous entities.

Sound safety practices or better equipment could have avoided most construction accidents. Defective products like the following cause some construction injuries:

  • Fall-safety harness/Protection
  • Warning lines
  • Nail guns
  • Ladders and lifts
  • Heavy equipment
  • Safety devices
  • Trench cave-ins

Some construction injury cases have resulted in the manufacturer designing a safer product, hopefully saving others from serious injuries or losing a loved one in the future.

Many serious injuries and deaths at construction sites could have been prevented by simply competent training of workers under OSHA rules and regulations. Due to the construction process itself, workers who are not adequately protected can be involved in:

  • Trench cave-ins
  • Falls
  • Entrapment with equipment
  • Crush injuries
  • High-voltage lines

Electrical Injury

Electrocution or Electrical Injuries And The Various Causes of Electrocution

Electrical injuries and accidents happen suddenly and without warning. Simple contact with an exposed wire or ungrounded circuits can lead to severe injury and wrongful death.

Electrocution injuries caused by electric shocks are sometimes the result of dangerous or defective products and sometimes negligent conduct. An early investigation must occur after an electrical injury or electrocution because the cause of the accident is determined early on before critical evidence disappears or is altered.

In the United States, almost 1000 people are killed by contact with an electrical source resulting in their electrocution. Additionally, over 3000 people a year in the US suffer severe burns.

Construction sites are a significant source of electrocution wrongful death claims through either a failure of the contractor or employer to follow OSHA safety regulations or a dangerous and effective product and sometimes a combination of the two.

Types of Electrocution Cases

Some of the types of electrocution cases that the Baumgartner law firm handles are:

  • • Violation of OSHA safety regulations
  • Lack of warning
  • Lack of lockout/tag-out protection
  • Power line accidents
  • Negligence on the part of contractors
  • Defective wiring

Expert witnesses are usually required in electrocution cases, as set forth above. The victim or the victim’s family must retain a competent and experienced personal injury attorney as early as possible following the accident. Particularly in the case of product liability, it is critical that the equipment involved in the accident be preserved for expert witness examination and evaluation.

OSHA Releases New Construction Accident Standard

At long last, OSHA has issued a new standard dealing with cranes and derricks in construction projects. The new rules and regulations supplant a standard outgrown by new construction techniques and technologies.

The new rules which recently took effect are designed to prevent fatal construction accidents on projects. Some of the new regulations include certification and licensing standards for operators, additional inspection requirements, coordination with other safety standards, and specific powerline guidelines.

The new OSHA standards also make clear that employers must foot the bill for necessary safety training of the equipment operators who were employed when the standard took effect.

The Houston and Gulf Coast area has many construction and Crane accidents, many resulting in fatalities. OSHA cannot adequately police or enforce its regulations with its current personnel. Usually, it is only after an accident that OSHA will investigate a safety violation. That is not a critique or criticism of OSHA, simply the reality of inadequate funding for this necessary workplace safety authority.

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