Cosmetic Surgery Errors

Millions of cosmetic surgery procedures are performed on individuals across the country and around the globe each year. These procedures are all designed to correct something that has been altered by an injury or accident, or to correct something that the individual is unhappy with and wants to change, in an effort to look as good as possible.

Cosmetic procedures are generally performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Some cosmetic procedures dealing with the skin which are non-invasive may be performed by a technician or assistant, but the invasive, big ticket items are usually performed by plastic surgeons. As with all doctors, it is possible for a plastic surgeon to make a mistake.

When plastic surgeons make mistakes, the results can be both cosmetic and life threatening. It is one thing to have a botched facelift and another to have liposuction performed incorrectly. Many of the cosmetic errors made by doctors can be corrected by a follow-up surgery, but others cannot be repaired. If a facelift is performed incorrectly or too much skin is removed, it is very difficult to go back in and loosen up the patient’s features with skin that is no longer there.

In addition to corrective secondary surgeries being difficult or complicated, they are also dangerous. They are dangerous because they once again expose an individual to the dangers of anesthesia and risk of infections during recovery.

Risks of Botox Malpractice

If you are considering Botox as part of a regime to maintain your youthful appearance, it is important that you are properly informed about the possible risks. A licensed medical professional who administers Botox injections has an obligation to do so both safely and correctly. Unfortunately, negligence before, during, or after that administration of Botox can have severe adverse effects for your health and well-being.

If you have been harmed due to the failure of a medical professional to adhere to adequate professional standards during your Botox procedure, it might be in your best interest to file a lawsuit seeking financial compensation for various damages. Contact cosmetic malpractice attorneys to learn more about your legal rights and options in this painful situation.

Complications of Botox Mistakes

Unfortunately, even if a person prepares and researches Botox responsibly, the risks of injury are out of a patient’s control if malpractice occurs. This is one reason why many women opt out of the procedure. Common signs that negligence occurred in a Botox procedure include the following:

  • Infections
  • Paralysis in injection area
  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Difficulty blinking
  • Muscle weakness
  • Eyelids drooping

If you have experienced these symptoms after a Botox procedure it is important that you consult with a cosmetic malpractice attorney. Compensation may be available for your injuries.