Dog Bite Lawyers

A dog bite attorney is a legal professional who is trained and experienced in helping dog bite victims receive compensation for their injuries. Each state and jurisdiction has its own laws governing dog bite cases. A dog bite attorney has intimate knowledge of these laws and knows how to use these laws to protect and maximize a person’s legal interests.

Dog bite lawyers practice a subsection of personal injury law relating to injuries from bites from dogs.  This could, depending on the firm, include other injuries inflicted by household pets and even livestock on a farm.  A dog bite attorney needs to know about animal behavior and tendencies, and those of their owners.


Dog bite lawyers deal with a combination of city and county ordinances such as statutory law, state case law, and common law. Dog bite law attorneys also handle cases where someone is a victim to a dog bite. Dog bites can be very serious and may require a lot of medical attention. A dog bite attorney will represent an individual and try to get the proper compensation for the dog bite victim. Dog bites can happen at any time, therefore you should contact a dog bites attorney in your area as soon as you become a victim.

A dog bite attorney can ensure that you file a legal claim in a timely manner, as most states have a statute of limitations that restricts the amount of time during which a person can file a dog bite lawsuit. The statute of limitations for dog bite lawsuits varies by state and is generally longer for those cases involving children.

In order to have a successful dog bite lawsuit, a dog bite attorney will help a plaintiff prove that another party was responsible for a dog bite injury and the resulting damages. Often the person who is held liable for dog bite injuries is the owner of the dog in question. Under some circumstances, a dog bite attorney may encourage a victim to file a lawsuit against other liable parties such as a landlord or child care center depending on the specific circumstances of a dog bite case.

There are several actions that a victim can take in order to facilitate the development of a strong legal case with a dog bite attorney. When a dog bite incident occurs, the first thing to do is seek medical help for a victim’s injuries. Medical records of the physical damages can help a dog bite attorney build a stronger case with a victim later on. The victim of a dog bite should collect all pertinent information about the dog that bit and the owner of the dog. Information about the dog should include the color, size, and type of dog (or dogs) that were involved. Information about the breed, possible age, sex, licensing information (found on a dog collar), and whether or not the dog(s) is fixed should be collected if possible.

The victim should also try to determine who owns, or is responsible, for the dog(s) that bit. In some cases, the dog owner will be on the scene at the time of the incident. Other times an owner may not be immediately identifiable. If the owner is present, a victim should collect pertinent information such as their name, phone number, address, and more information about the dog. If an owner is not present it may be helpful to speak to witnesses of the incident to determine who is responsible for the dog(s). Licensing information on the dog’s tags can also help to identify the owner.

It is also advantageous to take pictures of the dog bite injuries. A victim should also record other important information about the dog bite incident such as the date and time of day, the location where the incident took place, as well as the contact information from potential witnesses. This information can greatly help you and your dog bite attorney build a strong case.


Dog bite lawyers take on cases that deal with animal bites such as dog bites. An animal bite can be a very serious and dangerous occurrence, sometimes resulting in the death of a victim. If a victim falls prey to a serious animal bite, he or she may be able to file a lawsuit against the owner of the animal. A dog bite attorney can handle all of the legal aspects of filing the lawsuit. On the other hand, a dog bite lawyer can also defend the owner of the animal who committed the offense.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a dog bite incident, you may wish to contact a dog bite attorney who can evaluate your case to determine your legal rights and options in seeking compensation for your damages.