Dog Bite Injury Settlement

Settlement of a Dog Bite Injury Claim

When a dog bite accident occurs, the victim has the right to seek monetary compensation for the injuries s/he has sustained, the medical costs of treating these injuries, the loss of wages incurred, and any pain or suffering that results. Laws spelling out exactly who can be held liable in a dog bite accident vary from location to location and are also predicated on the specific circumstances and evidence in a dog bite accident lawsuit.

In every state, it is possible for dog bite victims to seek compensation for their injuries from the following parties: any individual whose negligence caused the attack (this can even include landlords or property owners), any person who knowingly keeps a dog who has bitten a person before, or anyone who is in violation of canine, leash, restraint or confinement laws.

Pain and Suffering

Dog bite accident legal action can vary depending on where the attack took place and the extent of the injuries that resulted from the attack. In cases where property damage or minor injuries (no disability, scarring, serious lacerations, or significant pain) resulted, action can be brought in a small claims court. For more serious dog bite accidents, a personal injury claim can be filed in a civil court to seek compensation for damages. Sometimes criminal lawsuits can be filed in situations of blatant negligence or serious injury.

Accident Claims

In most cases when the victim of a dog bite accident files a claim against those liable for the dog bite accident, each party’s insurance agency is involved in the negotiations. The defendant’s (the liable party) insurance agency will most likely try to negotiate a dog bite accident settlement before the case goes to court. The intent of these companies is to pay the least amount of money in a dog bite accident settlement.

If you are the victim of a dog bite, you may wish to confer with an attorney who specializes in these types of lawsuits and is trained to help you seek just compensation in a dog bite accident settlement. These professionals have a deep knowledge of the laws in your jurisdiction and can help protect and maximize your interests in a dog bite accident settlement.

Compensation for Dog Bites

Often in a dog bite accident settlement, the victims may not fully recover the damages they sustained as a result of their injuries. Hiring an attorney to help protect you in these situations can be one of your best assets. An attorney is the only one who can make your claim into a lawsuit. Having the courts decide on the monetary compensation awarded for your injuries rather than having the insurance companies dictate your dog bite accident settlement, can help a victim receive the compensation they deserve.