Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges

Criminal sexual conduct charges can include a number of accusations-usually rape, sodomy, sexual abuse, and child molestation. Criminal sexual conduct is often classified by “degrees” of seriousness, with specific classifications varying by state; first-degree criminal sexual conduct usually carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Due to the social stigma that criminal sexual conduct charges place upon the accused and the potentially severe sentencing, the defense of a criminal sexual conduct case can become extremely complicated. The stakes are high for the defendant in a criminal sexual conduct case because of the nature of the accusations and the societal tendency to assume guilt. Criminal sexual conduct trials usually receive an enormous amount of media attention, and even if the defendant is acquitted, criminal sexual conduct charges can severely damage personal and social relations. For those found guilty of criminal sexual conduct, the prison terms tend to be strict, although they vary depending upon the degree of criminal sexual conduct of which the defendant was convicted. Even after release from prison, most states require criminal sexual conduct offenders to register, often notifying the community in which the registered individual lives of the criminal sexual conduct conviction, leading to individuals being ostracized or made targets by their communities. An experienced criminal sexual conduct defense attorney can help minimize the amount of damage done to the accused, lower the criminal sexual conduct charges, and organize the best method of defense to use during the trial.

For criminal sexual conduct information specific to certain charges and states, you may wish to contact an attorney with criminal sexual conduct experience directly. These charges are extremely serious and should be handled by a qualified lawyer.