Child Molestation Charges

Child molestation is a crime in every state, and the individuals (both men and women) who are accused of child molestation come from all walks of life. Unfortunately, just being arrested for child molestation or being under investigation for this crime may leave an accused person with a severely damaged reputation. In contrast to many other crimes, our society assumes that someone connected with a child molestation charge is guilty until proven innocent, and sometimes even guilty despite being proven innocent.

Get a Child Molestation Defense Attorney

Early involvement of an experienced criminal defense lawyer can be crucial to limiting damages (to a person’s reputation) and negative consequences. There may be defenses that an experienced criminal attorney can employ to the advantage of the accused, and it’s always best to have an attorney’s representation in the legal system.

The police interrogations, prosecutor negotiations, hearings, arraignment, and trial, and sentencing phases all are best dealt with by a seasoned attorney who can protect the rights of the accused.

What to Do If You’ve Been Arrested

If you have been arrested or taken into police custody regarding child molestation:

  • Do not resist being arrested. Do not argue, do not try to explain anything. Do not offer information. Anything you say can be used against you in court.
  • Ask if you are under arrest and whether you can leave. If you can leave, leave immediately.
  • If you cannot leave, ask to see a lawyer.
  • Tell the police only your name and address. This is the only information you must give them.
  • Remember that the police are allowed to lie to you to get information. They are not trying to help you, no matter how friendly they may seem.
  • You do not have to give the police an alibi or discuss your whereabouts at any given time.
  • Stay calm.
  • Ask what you are being charged with.
  • Do not consent to a search. If a police officer says he has a search warrant, ask for a copy.
  • If a valid search warrant is shown, allow the search and do not interfere with it.
  • Contact a criminal defense attorney immediately, preferably one with experience defending against child molestation charges.

In addition, do not sign anything voluntarily. If you feel that you are being forced to sign something, or initial something, write the words, “I want my lawyer” next to every place you’re being pressured to sign or initial.

After an arrest for child molestation or after you’ve been released from police custody, you don’t have to make any excuses to anyone or a statement regarding the situation. You should not make any statements, oral or written, regarding why you were arrested. Do not speak to any media representatives.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

Don’t let the police and criminal justice system run roughshod over your legal rights. Contact a qualified child molestation defense attorney to arrange a private and confidential consultation about your case.