What’s Holding You Back?

I’ve often wondered why some days go off without a hitch and others seem to go down hill from the beginning?  There’s a checklist I use to find the culprit. The more honest the more likely improvement can be made so each day turns into the gift it is meant to be!

  • How am I feeling physically:  tired, well rested, exercise, good nutrition, aches and pains?
  • How am I emotionally: fluctuating mood, glass half full or half empty, peaceful, anxious, worried?
  • How am I spiritually: connected, grateful, feeling love, sharing love?

No matter what’s on the list, it all starts with the way we think.  How we think leads to how we feel and ultimately to how we behave/act/react.  It seems so simple that you’ve heard it a million times; change how you think change your life.  It’s not simply about ruling out the negative (though that is the place to start); it’s about getting to a place where you never have the negative thought.

Being conscious of every thought can seem daunting.  Being free of the one thing that holds you back from being, doing, and having the life you want is priceless. So here’s this week’s challenge:

  • dedicate a notebook, journal to your thoughts
  • write down what’s happening at a particular time when things aren’t just right
  • next log how you are feeling at that time
  • and finally make note of what you are thinking

If you are wondering why you should even try this, I can assure you that the first step to change anything is to be aware that you are doing it.  So just like all experts agree that keeping a food journal is a great way to help with weight loss, keeping a “thought journal” is a very helpful way to find out what’s holding you back!  As often as we like to blame someone or  something else, it really all does start with what we are thinking. Try it you might be surprised!

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