Aviation Plane Crash Causes

Possible FAA violations that can cause a plane crash can include:

  • Federal air traffic controllers’ negligence
  • Third party’s carrier selection negligence
  • Flight service station employee negligence
  • Structural or design problems with an aircraft
  • Maintenance or repair of the aircraft or component negligence
  • Fueling the aircraft negligence

Plane crashes can result from many different factors or a combination of factors. Aviation law exists to protect people that have died or were injured as a result of negligence due to humans or mechanical error. The Federal Aviation Administration was established from the Federal Aviation Act that was passed in 1958. The administration sets minimum safety standards for flight operations, aircraft manufacture, and pilot conduct. In the event that FAA regulations are violated, an accident can occur that endangers the safety of everybody using air travel.

Pilots flying a plane are responsible to safely transport the people on the aircraft to the destination location by following certain air safety rules. The failure to properly do so can result in an instance of absolute fatality. In addition, when a plane has faulty or poorly maintained equipment on its aircraft it can result in the plane crashing. When a plane accident has occurred it has usually been caused by some type of negligence that requires an aviation lawyer in order to properly recover compensation for those injured or for the families of the surviving victim.