Is Your Negative Self-Talk Holding You Back in Your Life After Divorce?

Your divorce may have left you feeling a bit used and abused and chances are the negative “self-talk” has set in at some point. The self talk that tells you: you are not worthy of being loved, that you will never be successful, that you will never find happiness, or never lose the weight you need to to be healthy.

You need to remember, though, that your divorce is not a direct reflection of you and you can counter the overwhelming feeling of low self-worth by taking action. You can gain a greater self-confidence and control over your life by taking steps to leave your old life behind and embrace a new one…a new life that is filled with more happiness, health, wealth and success.

Start by journaling your thoughts, emotions, and responses to positive affirmations. Getting things out of your head and on to paper can help you speed up your healing process. A support group or a coach can also aid you in the recovery process. Not only will you find people who understand your circumstances, but you may also find some new great friends. Take advantage of situations that will make you feel good and enable you to transform the self talk in your head from negative to positive.

If you’ve been sabotaging yourself with your self-talk and keeping yourself from the life after divorce that you deserve, it’s time you STOP! You can REPROGRAM your mind to enjoy greater happiness, wealth, confidence, love, success, health – and more. ALL just by changing what you say to yourself!

Recently, I came across a great product that’s focused exclusively on banishing negative self-talk from your mind. It’s an amazing system, and I highly encourage you to visit The Ultimate Self-Talk Series if you’re really serious about changing the negative thoughts in your head.

Accept that there will always be challenges in creating the life you want after divorce. But there is no time like now to discover the inner strength you may not have known you had. Find the gifts in your divorce and create the life you deserve!

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