How Do I Find A Good Divorce Lawyer?

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Recommendations

Divorce is a trying and highly emotional time for the entire family. Women who are underemployed or stay-at-home moms now face uncertainty, and the loss of the income they once had with their spouse. One of the most common issues is that often women will turn to the family attorney, or the spouse may attempt a ploy to allow one attorney, usually their attorney, to handle the case in order to save on legal fees. The best advice is that when an inexperienced woman is facing divorce, that they ask experienced friends or family members to recommend a good divorce lawyer.

Family Lawyer is the Best Lawyer for Divorce Cases

There are other sources for information. Various women’s shelters and self-help groups for abused or dislocated women often will refer you to divorce lawyer or another resource person who may be able to assist you. The most important thing is that you want an attorney who specializes in Family Law. If your are fortunate enough to realize that your spouse is going to request a divorce, it is advisable to seek out the advice of a family law attorney, before this even occurs. A consultation is not extremely expensive. Most attorneys will at that time, inform you of your rights, as well as what information that you need to gather ahead of time, especially that which pertains to employment, living expenses and bank accounts.

Look For Attorney You Are Comfortable Working With

Other tips for the inexperienced woman is that you are not only seeking out legal advice initially, but your are also interviewing the attorney. Is your attorney sympathetic to women’s issues surrounding support for you and your children. One piece of advice given most of the time is that if you are uncomfortable with any attorney that you consult with, feel that they are not going to look out for you and your children, the best thing to do is to continue to search for an attorney that you are comfortable with.

Why Many Choose Female Attorney Over Men

Our instincts tell us that we will receive better representation if we choose a female attorney.† This may be true. The problem here is that there are more male than female lawyers. A good family attorney is going to ask a lot of, what seems like, prying questions. He or she cannot afford to go to court for you, and be faced with surprises that may harm your case. Family law varies from state to state on issues such as alimony, community property, visitation, and child support. The right attorney for you is one who is going to guide you through the process. Your attorney, should begin by taking the steps required to ensure your financial security until the divorce process is completed.

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