Finding Joy in Your Life After Divorce

Joy is a state of mind, but I have found that joy, gratitude, and a positive attitude can get us through the most trying times. With all the things women must do to raise children, maintain a household, and work to support them, a joyful spirit is vital! So how can you find joy in your life after divorce? Try starting here…

Tap Into Your Inner Savvy~

There is no doubt that divorce is difficult and regardless which side you fall on, negative emotions have built up inside you over time. Negative emotions such as anger, resentment, loneliness, and overwhelm zap your energy, rock your inner foundation, and cause you to live inauthentically. Unfortunately these negative emotions can linger long after the divorce is final. A strong mindset and authenticity are crucial to a joyful life. Focus on your strengths and watch your sense of value rise. You can’t attract joy into your life until you believe you deserve it!

Discover Your Outer Savvy~

You may have spent years pleasing someone else, including how you dressed and how you decorated your home…and you may not have even realized it. But now it’s your time…time to create an environment that expresses you! Take a look at what your current environment is saying about you…is it supporting your positive outlook for the future? Chances are, probably not, since women tend to put themselves last. Changes don’t have to be expensive; they just need to make you feel good! To subsidize your new look, try consigning your furniture or selling through your local newspaper or craigslist. For less expensive changes, choose new wall colors, rearrange your furniture, or add some pillows or other accessories. You will be amazed at how much joy you can get from just a few small changes in your environment.

Redefine Your Financial Savvy~

You may or may not have dealt with the family finances in your married life. Either way, there’s no escaping it now! The more financially savvy you feel, the more safe, secure, and confident you will be. Finances can be a source of stress, but especially during these times of economic change, it is imperative that you maintain a positive mindset about your future. Though the stock market and housing values have dropped, you still have much to be grateful for! Spend time focusing on all you have including family, friendships, love, and health and you will soon realize that you are more wealthy than you could have dreamed…with or without any investments.

Rediscover Your Professional Savvy~

You may have been working full-time for years, or you may be re-entering the working world after many years home with children. Either way, now is a time for self-discovery and re-evaluation of your professional aspirations. The best place to start is looking deep inside yourself to see what your unique gifts are and what you are passionate about. You will quickly discover how you can best go out into the world, using your gifts to make a difference in your own way. Living your life’s purpose is the only way to find true joy in your professional life.

Transform Your Relationship Savvy~

There is always a sense of mystery that transcends the moment one frees themselves of a destructive relationship. Regardless of whether you or your former spouse made the decision to end your relationship, it would have eventually come to an end. Enjoy the freedom you have been given to discover yourself…it is a gift! As you continue to find inner strength and overcome your own self-doubt, you will feel inspiration, energy, and love for yourself. It is only at this point that you can fully move into a new relationship and find true joy with someone else. You can’t love anyone else authentically until you love yourself…and that is the strongest form of love.

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