In a divorce, women are more often stressed thinking about their finances and how they could cope with the tragedy especially if there are children involved.  It may feel like the world is so unfair and nothing is going good.  This is all normal.  After all, men are known to be the ones mainly responsible in supporting and working for the family and now that he is gone, you are left alone to fend for yourself and the kids.

Divorce and  Child Support

More often, child support is included in the court settlement and the kids would be legally entitled to financial assistance from their father.  However, a mother should not be complacent and just wait for the cheque to come.  Besides, the money is for the kids, not you.

It is always wise to have a job of your own.  If you haven’t had one in a while because you focused on being a family woman, it is never too late to start afresh.  Although it may  come a little bit difficult and would take some time of getting used to, you would eventually get there if you start now.

Seek Emotional Support

If you are still suffering emotionally, take time to seek some divorce help from professionals or your friends who went through the same thing.  This way, you will feel that you are not alone and you could gather strength from them.

Remember, You Were First Independent Before Marriage

Remember that you were independent before you got married and you were able to support your own.  You may think that you are no longer eligible to work in the corporate world being a bit old, or a bit left behind having lived home for the past years.  Anyway, this should not stop you from trying.  In the first place, how would you know if you won’t try?

Start New, Find a Good Business to Support Yourself

Starting your own small business is a good idea too.  Hey, with the power of the Internet, you may find yourself expanding your home business in no time.  Candles, soaps, pastries… These are just small stuffs you can sell as starters.  You’ll never know.  Maybe some luck is out there waiting for you.