Contract Drafting: When Do You Need to Include a Business Attorney In the Process?

In this country, business is just one long chain of contracts and agreements. When someone needs something and another person can provide it, the natural course of action it to draw up an agreement and to make the transaction happen.

However, some contracts are more complicated than others, and we have all heard the horror stories of companies facing bankruptcy as a result of losing a lawsuit. Very often these problems can be prevented with a solid, legally binding, and protective contract. If you are creating such a written agreement, you should consider hiring a small business attorney in San Diego, if:

The Phrasing Becomes Complicated

Some contracts barely fill a single page, but others can get quite long and in-depth. That is natural, but when the language is not easily understood, it can land your company in serious trouble with the courts. If you are having trouble finding the right words to state what both parties are agreeing to, or there is any areas of the agreement that are vague, it is best to hire a business attorney. San Diego courts will hold it against the party that drew up the contract, if the language is ruled difficult to interpret.

Negotiations Become Heated

Another great reason to have a contract attorney on call is that they are familiar with handling mediation sessions. Even when two parties agree that a contract is needed, the terms can become sticking points that prevent the contract from being completed. A contract attorney in San Diego can sit down, as a neutral party, and help opposing sides reach a mutually acceptable, binding agreement.

The Contract is Long Term

Agreements that span years, or even decades, must have different considerations than those that are written and fulfilled within a few days’ time. Can the contract be assigned? How does a party terminate the contract? What happens if the contract is breached? These are questions that can lead to serious legal issues if not addressed up front. Hire a business attorney. Contract lawyers will help to ensure that these loose ends are all tied up.

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