How do you cope from a divorce?

How do you deal after losing someone you love? How do you go on with your life without him? These are the many questions that probably linger on your mind post-divorce and there is only one answer: have a new outlook in life.

Instead of whining and being bitter, get out of your bed and welcome a new beginning and say hello to a new you! Keep in mind this quote: “Being beautiful is the best revenge.” So, here are the tips to make you look fab:

How do you cope from a divorce?

1) Exercise and Stay Fit

Remember those times wherein you pigged out with your husband over pizza and beer? Well, just look at your tummy and flabby arms and you would sure remember. Instead of crying over it, look at the red flag: you look plump. So, starting now, start your day by jogging in the park or hitting the gym. Who knows? You might meet your next match in those places.

2) Get a Nice Haircut

They say girls cut their hair when they are heartbroken and it is mostly true. So, go to the nearest salon and chop your hair off. Do something different with your hair. The moment you do, you will feel free and fabulous.

3) Eat Right

Stop binge eating! From now on, you will have no time for drama. So, go the grocery and stack up your refrigerator with new healthy foods that will make your body look sleek and slender.

When you are ready, you can face the world, your ex-husband and even his new girlfriend with your head held up high.