Alaska Lemon Laws

Alaska Lemon Laws Details

Nobody wakes up declaring, “This is the day I’m going to buy a useless car.” The truth remains that only a very small amount of cars are ever deemed a total lemon write off. That doesn’t mean they can’t occur.

The Alaska Lemon Law (AS 45.45.300) was written to give consumers an extra level of protection when it comes to a new car that does not live up to the manufacturers promise of a properly working vehicle. This law does not cover “buyer’s remorse” where you get the car home and decide you don’t like the color or wish you have bought another model. The Alaska Lemon Law is for a major defect that renders that car useless.

Because of this law and other like it, car makers have actually stepped up their game in terms of delivering solid built autos. And if a lemon does crop up, they know it’s in their best interest to make sure to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Alaska Lemon Law Qualifications

First of all know that this particular law doesn’t apply to boats or ATV’s. They have their own lemon law! The cars covered under this are those same cars sold at every dealership across the state except for used cars or cars where the original manufacturer’s warranty has already expired.

For your car to be considered a lemon in Alaska there has to be a defect which has forced you into at the dealership’s garage for at least three repair attempts without a solution. If this same defect kept you from driving your car for a total or 30 days then it would also qualify. This defect also needs to lower the market value of the car and not just a normal depreciation kind of devalue.

Once you embrace the concept that you might be stuck with a lemon, you need to notify the car maker of what is going on and how this particular situation is not being fixed. You should be keeping a copy of all the repair reports associated with this defect. Even if you have the car towed or are forced to rent a car, keep those receipts. This is how you will be building your defense.

If for some reason you can’t find all the copies of your bills and repair estimates the Alaska Auto Repair Act is there to help. This states that dealers have to keep these records for at least two years.

Alaska Lemon Law Remedies

At that moment when the car maker or dealer is forced to admit they can’t fix the problem, you will have the option to get a new car or get a refund. For the new car this means a replacement of the exact make and model of the original vehicle.

If you go for the refund, then the car maker has to pay you back all the costs associated with you buying this car. This means all the registration fees, taxes or any other costs. If repairs were attempted that required special shipping freight of parts, the car maker will have to pick up that tab as well.

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