Wyoming Lemon Laws

Lemon Law in Wyoming

Lemon laws require that the company who manufactured a product must refund, replace, or repair the product when the product malfunctions. Lemon laws most often are in relation to the automotive trade but are possible in other trades. When a motor vehicle is refunded, the manufacturer is required to pay the selling price.

Lemon laws are only possible if the product is defective upon purchase and to no fault of the owner. The United States has yet to create federal lemon laws, so each state has their own guidelines for handling this type of problem.

To reduce fraud on the system only certain types of problems will be named as lemons. Normally if an individual has taken his or her new motor vehicle to be repaired four or five times for the same problem, the odds are the problem qualifies as a lemon. The motor vehicle problem must, legally, be associated with safety, motor vehicle usage, or value. In general terms lemon law save consumers from being trapped by faulty, new motor vehicles.

Wyoming Basics
Lemon laws in Wyoming were created to aid buyers when purchasing new vehicles. This state has quite a wide range of defects that it names as lemons. These include transmission problems, engine problems, paint defects, brake problems, electrical problems, rattles, bad smells, vibrations, water leaks, steering problems, and other specific defects. When defects do not come under Wyoming’s list of defects, an individual may take his or her motor vehicle to another state where the defect is legal.

Chapter Seventeen
Wyoming lemon law Chapter 17, 40-17-101 defines several important basics to the state’s lemon law system. This chapter states whom is a consumer, what exactly a motor vehicles is, what the allowable consumer use is on reasonable terms, and defines a manufacturer’s warranty or express warranty. Though these terms may seem apparent, to avoid fraud the state of Wyoming has defined every detail.

Chapter Seventeen also states that amount of time in which a motor vehicle can be repaired, generally one year. In some cases of nonconformity, the one-year limit is extended. Another section of the chapter states that if the manufacturer is unable to repair or refund the fair market price of a motor vehicle, they company is required to replace to vehicle with the same model or refund the money including interest and collateral charges.

Wyoming lemon laws of Chapter Seventeen even state the minimum number of repairs a consumer must attempt prior to consulting lemon laws. State laws say three or more attempts is normally applicable or when a motor vehicle cannot be used for thirty or more business days because of repairs. Wyoming even has a section stating that no other state or federal statute may construe consumer rights nor can rights be eliminated.

Nevertheless consumers must first exhaust their remedies under state and federal regulations before refund, repair, or replacement is possible. Lemon laws are not applicable to consumers in Wyoming who have altered their motor vehicles or caused abuse, neglect, or modification in an unauthorized manner. Manufacturers must also receive prior notification of the malfunction before legal action can take place.

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