Workers Compensation Lawyers

A workers compensation lawyer is similar to a personal injury lawyer, except that the victim of a motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, fall, or other negligence will have sustained his injuries as a result of being at his place of employment or at a location connected to his employment. The attorney must be able to prove both the effects of the injury and the liability for it.

A worker injured on the job is sometimes protected under workers’ compensation laws, which can allow injured workers the ability to recover damages as a result of the negligence. In high-risk occupations especially, a worker risks his/her life just to perform their daily tasks and a family that depends on that work is also greatly affected by the worker’s compensation. There are certain workers’ compensation procedures that must be followed when a worker has been injured or dies on a work-related project. Depending on the state that the worker’s compensation is being sought, the laws will vary.

What is a Workers Compensation Attorney?

A workers compensation lawyer deals with issues regarding work-related injuries. Workers compensation attorneys are also consultants that are contacted for legal advice about a workers compensation claim. A workers compensation lawyer knows the exact law for the state in which the claim occurred because the laws vary from state to state.

FACTS ABOUT Workers Compensation Law

If you are ever injured at work, a workers compensation lawyer can give you the legal advice you need to file a claim. A workers’ compensation claim can take a while to be completed. A workers compensation attorney can advise you as to how you can be compensated for the time that you are unable to work due to your injury or injuries.

It is advised to know what your state laws and workplace procedure is regarding workers compensation, especially in high-risk occupations. If an injury is suffered, the worker will then know what workers compensation steps to follow to best allow for damages to recovered in full. A workers compensation attorney can help the worker make sure the proper steps are followed and that his/her legal rights are upheld.

Employer Worker Compensation

Employer fraud does exist since an employer workers compensation rates will depend on things including payroll amount, the occupational field, the number of workers compensation claims filed, as well as other factors. Workers can be cheated out of part of or all of their workers compensation if employer fraud is present, which allows the employer’s insurance premiums from increasing.

The Purpose of Workers Compensation

The purpose of workers compensation is twofold:

  • To provide replacement income and medical care for employees hurt on the job, those with lasting job-related disabilities, and those made ill by the conditions at their place of work
  • To reduce litigation against employers – workers compensation is a trade-off of sorts, wherein an injured employee gets workers comp benefits in lieu of being able to sue the employer in a civil case

Thus, if you are injured while working for your employer or if you contract an occupational disease or other medical problem that is due to your job, you can file a workers compensation claim with your state’s system. It is always of benefit to consult a workers compensation lawyer in your quest to obtain workers comp benefits, in part because the relevant laws, rules, and regulations in your state are best understood by a workers comp attorney.

Workers Compensation Insurance Providers

In most (but not all) states, any employer of a certain minimum size is required by law to obtain workers compensation insurance that will cover the cost of paying out workers comp benefits to employees. Just as there are health insurance providers and life insurance providers, there are workers compensation insurance providers. A few of the major providers are:

  • American Home Assurance Co.
  • California Independent Insurance Co.
  • Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance
  • Mid-Century Insurance Co.
  • National Union Fire Insurance
  • Pacific Employers Insurance Co.
  • Travelers Insurance Co. of Connecticut
  • Truck Insurance Exchange
  • Workers Compensation Fund of Utah
  • Zurich

Workers compensation providers are not working for the injured employees, or even for the employers who hire the providers; they’re in business to make money. Employers are also usually not putting an injured employee’s interests first; they’re in business to make money. An injured or ill employee can obtain legal representation from a workers compensation attorney whose job it is to maximize:

  • the employee’s chances of getting benefits
  • the amount and type of benefits received, for the longest possible time

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