Wisconsin Felony

Upper Wisconsin Felony Classes

Felonies in Wisconsin are crimes that have sentence punishments of at least one year in a federal or state prison and may include a fine with or instead of incarceration. Each felony is classified into an alphabetical category starting from A, as the most serious, to I, as the least serious of felonies. Class A Felonies are only punishable by life in prison in the state of Wisconsin–no other punishment is possible. This class of felonies includes felonious murder and intentional homicide. Class B Felonies include homicide, reckless homicide, manslaughter, sexual assault, and conspiracy. Felonies in the B Class can have imprisonment terms up to sixty years in a federal prison. Class C Felonies include arson, vehicular homicide while intoxicated, felonious drunk driving, kidnapping, sexual assault, and robbery. Class C Felony punishments can have either a fine up to one hundred thousand dollars, an imprisonment term of up to forty years in prison, or both at the same time.

Middle Felony Classes

Some felony classes can carry the same kinds of crimes. In which class each belongs depends on the severity of the crime. For instance assault and battery can be in two categories but the severity of the crime and the circumstances around each can earn them lesser or greater punishments. Class D Felonies are punishable by up to twenty-five years in a state prison that can come with or without a one hundred thousand-dollar fine. Class D Felonies include vehicular homicide, felonious drunk driving, and child enticement. Class E Felonies include burglary, battery causing great bodily harm, and robbery. Punishments for felonies in the E Class include fines up to fifty thousand dollars, imprisonment terms up to fifteen years, or both at the same time. Class F Felonies include theft, stalking, driving under the influence, sexual exploitation, and failure to prevent sexual assault. This felony class can have punishments up to twelve and a half years in prison, fines up to twenty-five thousand dollars, or both, depending on the circumstances.

Lower Felony Classes

Class G Felonies can have punishments as high as ten years in prison with or without a fine of twenty-five thousand dollars. Class G Felonies include negligent homicide, embezzlement, and theft. Class H Felonies include false imprisonment, battery causing great bodily harm, and theft. These kinds of felonies are punishable by up to ten thousand dollars in fines, up to six years in a state prison, or both. The final felony class in the state of Wisconsin is the Class I Felony class. This class includes theft, stalking, and child pornography and is punishable by up to three and a half years in prison without or without a ten thousand-dollar fine.

Wisconsin Felony Expungement

The state of Wisconsin does not allow felonies to be expunged under any circumstances. Convicted a felon will then have a felonious crime on his or her record for the rest of his or her life. Other criminal offenses are subject to expungement if all the correct terms are met.