Uncontested RI Divorces – Rhode Island Children Come First!

For each ten (10) calls I receive about how much it costs for a divorce each week, nine (9) of those calls describe the divorce situation as uncontested.

Of those nine (9) divorces that are described to me as uncontested each week, eight (8) of them involve children.

In any divorce involving minor children there could be any number of legal issues that the court will want to know about, including legal custody, physical placement, visitation, shared holidays and vacations with the minor children, tax deductions for each minor child, child support, health and dental insurance, medical, dental, orthodontic, optical and other healthcare expenses uncovered by insurance, transportation of children, and other relevant issues regarding minor children.  That’s quite a few legal issues.

Yet out of every nine (9) divorces that are described to me as uncontested, only one (1) person who calls me has addressed even half of these legal issues with his or her spouse.

Uncontested Divorces in Rhode Island

Uncontested Divorces in Rhode Island are more than possible, they are the best way to resolve a divorce with your spouse, especially when minor children are involved.  So how do you do it?
This short article on Rhode Island Uncontested divorces shows you the key element when children are involved.

So here are three tips for parents of minor children in an uncontested RI Divorce from the Rhode Island Divorce Coach:

1.  Parent’s Tip #1- Remember that the children come first.
2.  Spouses Tip #2 – Resolve the issues regarding the children first and foremost because that will resolve a majority of the major issues that the court will need to hear testimony about at the time of your nominal (i.e. friendly/uncontested) divorce hearing.
3.  Spouses Tip #3 – To resolve all issues in your divorce regarding your children, put the children’s interests first and not your own.  You should be in a logical frame of mind and deal with one issue at a time.
Remember. . . in any divorce, especially an uncontested Rhode Island Divorce . . . Kids Come First!

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