The RI Secret: You Can be Your Own Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer!

Yes, you can be your own Rhode Island Divorce lawyer.

First, you have the right to represent yourself in a legal proceeding.

Second, if your divorce isn’t all that complicated then it’s more than possible that you can handle it, after all if attorneys learned how to do it through law school and then through law practice then it must be achievable, right? Certainly! Can you do it in every instance and still be effective? No, most likely not because some divorce cases are just too complicated and literally require the experience the comes with practicing Rhode Island Family Law for year after year.

Yet how are you going to know if you don’t give it a shot. Should you do so without any direction whatsoever? Frankly, I wouldn’t recommend it. Even the newest lawyers who enter the Rhode Island Family Courts want a little coaching or help from more knowledgeable practitioners. So why don’t you just do your homework, get a little legal help from a professional who has been doing this stuff for years and be your own Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer.

What might it do for you?

1. First, you retain as much control of your case and your life as you possibly can.

2. Second, you don’t pay thousands of dollars to some man or woman that you don’t know from Adam (or Eve) to hopefully protect your rights simply because you are paying them. Thus you save money! After all, who is better equipped to look out for your interests first and foremost than YOU! Nobody!

3. Third, you get a sense of accomplishment from doing something that a lawyer does. Yes, there is a sense of pride in getting your own divorce accomplished without a lawyer. It’s like completing your own shed in your backyard without a carpenter or decorating the inside of your house so that you get kudos from the neighbors without a professional interior decorator.

So what is the secret? Rhode Island Divorce Coaching! That’s it! It’s the help you need from a lawyer who has done this stuff when YOU need the lawyer, at a cost you can afford that is not going to break your wallet.

What’s the real comparison? Imagine this. The typical lawyer with 12 years of experience exclusively practicing in the area of family law should be billing at a rate of $250 per hour and getting a minimum retainer of $2,500 up front to bill against. Now consider that on average I have found that even uncontested divorces of the best kind are going to require 12 hours of a lawyers time. That’s $250 X 12 hours for a total of $3,000.

But what if I tell you that you do have a divorce that you can handle and I offer to coach you through each step. How many steps are there you ask? If it’s truly uncontested then I’ve broken it down into 5 steps.

So far 5 steps doesn’t seem too bad, right? I mean 5 isn’t a big number at all. But you are shrewd and you say but wait a minute, how much time goes into each step. So I tell you that you need to spend an hour with me for each step. So that isn’t so bad at all, right? 5 hours of your time so you can do your own divorce and save money. But how much money do you save? You’d want to know, right! Well, if it were at the correct rate of $250 for each hour then it would cost you a total of $1,250 so you’d save $1,750 now wouldn’t you! That’s pretty darn good isn’t it!

So there you are, waiting for that other foot to fall on this great Rhode Island Coaching Program, aren’t you! Most people would be so I wouldn’t blame you one bit.

Here’s the catch! It’s not $250 for each hour! What if I told you it’s only $135 per hour for you to learn how to professionally get from beginning to end in a divorce you can handle. That is purely amazing! It is so amazing that no other attorney will join me in doing this because they don’t make enough money.

Here’s the kicker! This isn’t about making a bunch of money! This is about helping a lot more people to make the same money I would make if I charged $250.00 per hour. You see I don’t mind working harder if I know that I’m doing a good thing for people. I want to make a difference! Not a minor difference, but a REAL DIFFERENCE in the lives of people and what they think about lawyers…. I want people to know that there are still some good guys out here who do care about the people.

So I’ve become ridiculous and absurd to my colleagues! 5 sessions at $135 per session is only $675 for you to confidently go from learning about divorce to filing, through your hearing, getting the orders entered and getting divorced. That is a savings of $2,325.00 on the easiest divorce possible!

Sound too good to be true? Fine, sit down with me for the first hour! Let me enlighten you about the process, the law, your rights, your options, and answer your questions and then see if you can honestly look me in the eye and tell me that another lawyer would do what I just did for you for $135.00

By the time you’re done with the first hour you will be informed and have knowledge like you never believed and even if you never want to see me again beyond that first $135.00 session I guarantee you that I will have given you more information than any other family law attorney I know in a single hour. You will be so informed that it will be virtually impossible for any lawyer that you want to hire to take advantage of you.

That cannot be beat! In fact, if you want to you can ask me at the end of our meeting how you can save $300 to $500 off any attorney’s full bill for your divorce just by doing one simple thing…all you need to do is ask!

Well, all I can do is put it out there! My coaching clients swear by me and this program isn’t offered by any other Rhode Island Attorney I know.

If you want to save a ton of money, keep control of your own case, and be your own Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer then just do this simple little thing…. get a little coaching from me . . . The Rhode Island Divorce Coach.

I look forward to helping you reach a better and brighter future!

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