Financial Impact of a Properly Structured Alimony Agreement

Over the years, we have seen cases in which separation or divorce instruments violate the requirements for structuring alimony payments correctly.  These situations often produce a negative financial impact for the individual that is paying the alimony and can lead to additional lawsuits and ill feelings.  In order to avoid this potential mess, it is … Read more

Transferring IRA Assets During Divorce

In this article, we address divorce and transfer of Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Assets.  We focus on the Traditional IRA because the rules for transfers are more restrictive than for a Roth IRA.  (If you follow the rules for transferring ownership interests in Traditional IRA assets for Roth IRA assets, you should qualify for the tax-free … Read more

Preparing For the Divorce – Assessing Your Financial Condition

One of the situations that we see in many family situations is where one spouse is the primary caretaker of the financial obligations for the family. That person may have been in charge of paying the bills, setting up the investment accounts, making investment decisions (stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, etc.), buying and maintaining … Read more