Uncontested Divorce in Rhode Island

A Rhode Island uncontested divorce is a preferable way of ending a marriage to many people.

It usually implies that the two parties to the divorce are able to settle their differences amongst themselves and do not require outside to settle division of property, child support and child custody matters.

An uncontested divorce does not mean that you are free to agree to end the marriage by simply agreeing to terms for the divorce.

There are some legal aspects that require the intervention of the legal profession.

You Should Still Seek Legal Advice for your Rhode Island Uncontested Divorce

In spite of the apparent simplicity of a RI divorce that is uncontested, there is always scope for improvement of terms and seeking legal advice is to your advantage.

You would require a legal head to draft orders as well as make the Final Judgment of Divorce.

Very often, the divorce also means settling matters related to children.

In the case of minors, you would normally have to go to an office of court where you will be interviewed.

A decision or recommendation will be given as to who gets custody of the children, what custody type is best for the children as well as the how much child support is to be paid.

Even in such circumstances, there may be objections raised.

This would mean the simple RI divorce that is uncontested will end up requiring legal help and the divorce will lose its uncontested divorce status.

A RI divorce uncontested is the avenue most divorce cases travel down since it is not only inexpensive, but is also simple to execute.

There is much to be said for a RI divorce uncontested because it will mean that you can get over this difficult phase in your life with dignity and without much fanfare, or fuss.

No doubt, a divorce uncontested is not right for everyone, but still it still fits the needs of the average couple that is to divorce.

A RI divorce that is uncontested is generally an inexpensive affair and this is something that you should consider when deciding on a divorce.

The money that you save by choosing to have a divorce uncontested can be spent in adjusting your life after divorce as well as will be useful for spending on your children.

Another good reason to seek a Rhode Island uncontested divorce is that you can leave your spouse at a low level of disagreement and discord.

You will be able to keep the whole business of divorce low key as well as private which will not adversely affect your psyche, nor will you receive undue attention from others.

There will be areas of disagreement between the two parties to the divorce, but practical sense and fortitude will see you tide over difficult times without spending a fortune and with minimal hurt.

No doubt, differences will need to be ironed out and terms of the divorce must be mutually agreed to and you will need to be a good negotiator.

If you keep it simple and do not get rattled easily, there is no reason why you should not get through your Rhode Island divorce uncontested in good time and with the least bother.

1 thought on “Uncontested Divorce in Rhode Island”

  1. I completely agree that an uncontested divorce can be a preferable option for many couples. I recently had a close friend who went through an uncontested divorce in Rhode Island, and it turned out to be a smooth and amicable process for them.

    They had been married for several years but realized that they had grown apart and wanted to go their separate ways. Instead of going through a lengthy and contentious court battle, they decided to pursue an uncontested divorce.

    They both sat down and had open and honest discussions about their assets, debts, and child custody arrangements. They were able to come to an agreement on all these matters without any major disagreements or conflicts.

    Once they had reached a mutual understanding, they hired a divorce attorney who specialized in uncontested divorces. The attorney helped them draft the necessary legal documents, including the divorce agreement and parenting plan.

    They then filed the documents with the court and attended a brief hearing to finalize their divorce. Since they had already agreed on everything beforehand, the judge approved

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