Yes divorce is painful, REALLY painful!

Are you going through a hard time recovering from a separation?

Do you need divorce help?  Do you feel like it is better not to live than suffer this kind of pain?

Yes, it ended, but I should Move Forward

Many people who have just gone through the painful process of divorce feel the same way.  You probably didn’t see it coming and couldn’t do anything to keep it from happening.  But it’s now over.  The storm is gone.  And although you feel like you are all wreckage and havoc, be grateful that the worst is over and a new day has come.

Lessen the Pain of Divorce. But How?

There are many things you can do to lessen the pain and appreciate how blessed you still are to be standing.  Besides, if you have kids depending on you, they should be the main source of your strength to carry on and start anew.  One good thing you can do is remember the people and things, who and which, once colored your life.

Rekindle old relationships.

Call the friends you haven’t had the chance to meet with during the past years you were married.  Visit families who kept on inviting you then but didn’t have time to see.  Make up for the lost times.  Go to places you had been dying to see but could not.  You may even enjoy exploring them with your kids.  Whatever it is, make time for the people and things you unintentionally ignored during the time you were busy being a wife and a mother.  There are a lot of untold stories and things you must have missed.  This is the perfect time to discover them.  This will not only divert your attention from pain.  This may also open new doors for you to start afresh and see the dawn of day.