25 Most Popular Software Applications for Paralegals

As a paralegal, you have many responsibilities. Many people might be surprised at how much you do as a paralegal. Without paralegals, our legal system wouldn’t work as well as it does. The good news is that technology has provided a way for paralegals to get the assistance they need.

Whether you are just starting out as a paralegal, or hope to become a paralegal, or even if you are a seasoned veteran of the legal system, you could use a little help. Here are 25 software applications that paralegals can use to help with the job:

Paralegals Reference and Research

Get the information you need quickly and easily. These software apps are perfect for ensuring that you can find just what you need — when you need it.

  1. Black’s Law Dictionary: This software application is meant for a mobile device. You can get it online as well. The mobile version costs $49.99, but it is well worth it. This dictionary offers clear legal definitions, and can provide you with everything you need for proper terminology.
  2. Constitution: There are a number of free apps that can help you access the Constitution of the United States. This is the basis for the law of the land, and understanding it is important. Carry it with you wherever you go.
  3. Title 28: This law deals with judicial procedure and the court system. You can get it for a variety of mobile devices. It’s interactive, and allows you to highlight and bookmark certain passages. Perfect for helping you keep up with how things work in the court system. Cost for Android is $1.99
  4. Fastcase: You can use this app to find different cases quickly. This legal research software app can be used on your desktop or on your mobile device. It’s perfect for finding different cases, and for keeping up with the latest developments.
  5. LawStack: All the procedures you need to know, plus the U.S. Constitution. Perfect if you need to know the rules for different procedures, from civil to appellate to bankruptcy to criminal. Research help available for your mobile device.
  6. iLawLibrary: This iPhone software application costs $6.99, and offers a helpful research tool. You can search by rule, or you can search hierarchically. It’s an interesting and useful app to have in your arsenal.
  7. Federal Rules of Evidence: As you put things together for court, it can help to know the rules of evidence. This iPad app is available for $6.99 and can help you keep track of the rules. Searchable by key word.
  8. PocketJustice: Search Supreme Court rulings quickly and easily. You can read transcripts of the proceedings, and read the outcomes. You can even get audio on the top 100 cases of constitutional law. A great resource.
  9. Paralegal Pocket Guide & Prep: Just what it sounds like; you can get just what you need to be the best paralegal you can be for $2.99.

Paralegals Documents and Documentation

Make sure that you can take care of documents that you need, and document various proceedings. Here are some great applications that can help you accomplish what you need to with documents.

  1. scanR: This software app can help you get just what you need from your smart phone. You can scan documents, and even fax from your phone. Perfect for documentation.
  2. Dropbox: Perfect file sharing that allows you to access documents, and share documents. Works with your mobile phone and with your desktop. Perfect for syncing everything you need.
  3. LogMeIn: You can access your desktop from anywhere with help from this software application. Perfect for getting any information you need — even if you forgot to bring it.
  4. Quickoffice: Boost your document ability on your mobile device with the help of Quickoffice. Perfect for creating and managing documents.
  5. ScreenSteps: You can create documents, edit documents and images, and do any number of other tasks with this software app. Use it to enhance your documentation tasks.
  6. Voice Recorder: You can get this voice recorder from Android for free. You can also get voice recorders for BlackBerry and iPhone. These can help you remember important events and ideas, as well as recording others when needed.
  7. RightSignature: Great app for making sure that documents get signed. You can collect signatures in the field, or via the Internet.
  8. iAnnotate PDF: Use this software app to add notations to documents, and to customize presentations. You can also navigate different documents.

Organization and Task Management for Paralegals

You need to be organized as a paralegal, and keep track of your schedule. Happily, you can use software applications to help you stay on top of your busy schedule.

  1. TimeClock: Keep track of time spent on each task. A great way to manage time, and to use for creating invoices. This will cost you $3.99.
  2. Online Appointment Scheduling Software: You can use this software to schedule meetings and other important items using the Internet.
  3. Asana: This task management software allows you to get organized, put tasks and conversations together to help teams manage projects and rely less on email.
  4. Things: iPhone offers this task management app for $9.99. Organize your to-do list. You want to make sure that all of your tasks are properly ranked by importance. Also includes repeating tasks.
  5. Pocket Informant: Combines a powerful calendar app with a task scheduler. You can see your prioritized lists in terms of schedule and your calendar. It’s a great app for any paralegal who wants to stay organized and make sure everything gets done.
  6. Advanced Task Manager: Use this task manager to make sure that you get everything done, and that you are prepared for what’s next.
  7. SnapAppointments: Online appointment maker. It’s great for making appointments online and setting up meetings. Great for a paralegal who has a number of meetings to arrange, and who wants to keep up with what’s going on.
  8. ToDoMatrix: This task management software app is for BlackBerry. Drag and drop your tasks, and set up folders to help you better manage your to-do list. Delegate tasks, and prioritize your to-do items. It’s a great app for those who are looking for a powerful organizational tool for BlackBerry.

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