New Mexico Misdemeanors

New Mexico Larceny Misdemeanors

In the state of New Mexico, misdemeanors come in all shapes and sizes. Many of these misdemeanors consist of theft cases. As many of these cases deal with money and property, the higher the amount stolen, the more severe the punishment becomes. A charge can escalade from a petty misdemeanor to a high degree felony with the increase of money. Larceny is the theft of anything valuable that belongs to another person. The theft of property with the value of more than two hundred fifty dollars or less is to be charged with a petty misdemeanor. The theft of more than two hundred fifty dollars but less than five hundred dollars is to be charged with a misdemeanor. Larceny with the property value between five hundred dollars and twenty-five hundred dollars is punishable by a fourth degree felony. Anything between twenty-five hundred dollars and twenty thousand dollars is a third degree felony. After these amounts, any larceny of over twenty thousand dollars is to be punished as a second degree felony.

New Mexico Shoplifting Misdemeanors

In New Mexico, shoplifting is defined as willfully possessing merchandise with the intent to convert it without payment; willfully concealing merchandise with the intent to convert it without payment; willfully altering a label, price tag, or marketing of merchandise with the intent to obstruct the value of an object; or willfully transferring merchandise from one container to another with the intent to obstruct value. Shoplifting charges, like larceny, are based on the amount of money obstructed. Shoplifting for less than $250 is classified as a petty misdemeanor. A misdemeanor is charged for shoplifting between $250 and $500.

Shoplifting for $500 to $2500 becomes a fourth-degree felony. A third-degree felony is defined as shoplifting between $250 and $20,000 in value. Any shoplifting amounting to more than $20,000 is classified as a second degree felony. Fines and restitution are some of the consequences of shoplifting.

Other Misdemeanors

Other misdemeanors in New Mexico include simple assault and battery, theft, trespassing, vandalism, prostitution, and similar offenses. These types of crimes are classified according to their severity, which ranges from minor misdemeanors punishable by fines to capital offenses punishable by life in prison. Misdemeanor offenses can result in both jail time and fines.

New Mexico Expungement

The legal erasure of criminal records is known as expungement. It can assist deserving individuals in having futures free of criminal records. Only a select few are eligible to seek expungement. Individuals arrested for misdemeanors or petty misdemeanors where a final disposition cannot be located; first-time drug offenders under the age of eighteen who were charged with probation and later discharged; convicted through DNA samples where charges were reversed; and subject of petition under the Childrens’ Code where two years have elapsed since release are among those eligible. Those who qualify must file a petition with the court where they were convicted. If the determining judge rules in favor of the court, the petition can be expunged.

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