Mississippi Misdemeanors

Misdemeanors in Mississippi

Mississippi has a wide range of classifications for its misdemeanors and breaks them down accordingly into different categories. Child abuse or battery is a misdemeanor that can have up to a one thousand dollars in fines and a year in a county jail facility. In the case of neglect or delinquency, an individual may be sentenced to a punishment of a year in jail with or without a one thousand-dollar fine.

Crimes Against Children

Assessment for crimes against children can come in different forms and include rape, domestic violence, statutory rape, molestation, neglect, and exploitation. These can be classified as either felonies or misdemeanors, depending on the case, and can hold a fine of one thousand dollars to the MS Children’s Trust Fund. Jail sentences often follow these offense and range accordingly.

Minor Offenses

Certain offenses committed by an individual who is classified as a minor under the age of eighteen can be deemed both misdemeanors and felonies. These are handled under the Youth Court jurisdiction. Punishments for minors in Mississippi often include commitment to training school for a period of time that shall not exceed his or her twentieth birthday in addition to restitution with or without the possibility of a five hundred-dollar fine.

Drug Possession and Conviction

Drug possession and conviction depends on the amount of drugs in possession. A lower amount of drugs will equal the conviction of a misdemeanor, and the higher amount of drugs in possession will result in a felony conviction. In relation to Student Aid Laws, the first conviction of possession an individual will not be able to obtain any government student aid, loans, or grants for the first year of education. A second conviction will result in inability to obtain government student aid, loans, and grants for two years of education. A third conviction will result in the indefinite inability to obtain government student aid, loans, and grants. A first conviction for the sale of drugs will result in a similar manner but for a two-year period of time. A second conviction for the sale of drugs will result in an indefinite inability to receive these forms of financial aid.

Other Misdemeanors

Other Mississippi misdemeanors are simpler. The escape from jail for a misdemeanor can have additional time in jail up one year. Fleeing pursuit from a marked police vehicle for a misdemeanor will result in a fine up to one thousand dollars with or without jail time of up to six months. General misdemeanors often hold fines of one thousand dollars with or without jail sentencing of six months. Fraud is a misdemeanor with fines of one hundred to one thousand dollars and up to a year in jail

Mississippi Expungement

In the state of Mississippi all official public records in relation to trial, sentence, indictment, disposition, and arrest can be eliminated and sealed in particular cases. Juveniles with no pending charges, first offender misdemeanants, those arrested and dismissed of charges, those not formally charged, and those who those who have completed drug probation under the plea of guilty are eligible for record expungement.

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