Iowa Gun Laws

Gun Laws in Iowa

In the state of Iowa the amount of gun laws are far less than most states. These laws are not as extensive and/or as strict as other states. It is possible a wider amount of the population to obtain, carry, and/or purchase firearms in the state of Iowa than in the state of Alabama for instance.

Iowa LawsHowever, the punishments for violations of these few laws results in more felony criminal convictions. For instance individuals guilty of a forceable felony found in possession of a firearm and/or used the firearm within the crime will serve a mandatory prison sentence of at least five years imprisonment.

Iowa is geographically oriented in the north-central portion of the U.S. It is bordered on the north by Minnesota, to the east by Wisconsin and Illinois (across the Mississippi River), to the south by Missouri, and to the west by Nebraska (across the Missouri River) and South Dakota.

Carrying Firearms in Vehicles

Iowa generally prohibits carrying firearms in vehicles without a permit, unless they are unloaded and secured in a locked container or in a compartment of the vehicle not readily accessible (such as the trunk). When a motor home is used a residence (parked) or place of business (parked), no permit is required. When it is being used as transportation, the firearm must be properly stored.

Carry in Restaurants That Serve Alcohol

Yes. There is no law stating it is illegal. You can carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol or in a bar. If the restaurant or bar has a “No Gun Sign,” then it is suggested that you not enter the establishment. You can carry your firearm into a restaurant that serves alcohol or a bar, but you are prohibited from consuming alcohol while carrying a firearm.

Self-defense Laws

Iowa has both Castle Doctrine and SYG laws. There is no duty to retreat when attacked in any place You have a legal right to be, and You may use deadly force in self-defense if You reasonable believe it is imminently necessary to prevent death or SBI, the commission of a forcible felony, or to stop the unlawful & forcible entry into Your dwelling, residence, or occupied motor vehicle.

Open Carry (Without a Valid Permit/License)

Open carry is legal in Iowa, but with many restrictions. You must have a valid permit to carry a loaded handgun. Open carry in Incorporated areas is illegal without a valid permit/license. Places listed in the “Criminal Provisions” above apply to those who open carry.

Reciprocal Carry

By statute, Iowa will recognize another state’s license to carry:

“A valid permit or license issued by another state to any nonresident of this state shall be considered to be a valid permit or license to carry weapons issued pursuant to this chapter.”

Criminal Provisions

The following are the Iowa state gun laws and statues:

It is illegal to carry firearms without a proper permit.

It is illegal to store firearms in locations accessible to children.

It is illegal for any individual under the age of twenty-one to possess, sale, and/or purchase a handgun.

It is illegal for any individual under the age of eighteen to possess, sale, and/or purchase rifles and/or shotguns.

Permits are required to purchase firearms. These permits are only valid for up to one year and are then subject to renewal.

It is illegal to provide false identification and/or information in an attempt to obtain firearms of any kind.

Any individual caught trafficking firearms of any kind are subject to a Class D felony criminal charge and/or conviction.

Deadly force via firearm(s) is legal in the case of self-defense on private property owned by the defender.

It is illegal to use deadly force with a firearm on any public property regardless to if it is classified as self defense and even in the case that it is an attempted car jacking.

It is illegal to fire/shot firearms across main road, highway, and/or any other road way.

It is illegal to use deadly force if you the defender started the initial conflict.

It is illegal to possess firearms with felony conviction.

It is illegal to travel with firearms improperly stored.

It is illegal to possess machine guns, sawed off shotguns, and sawed off rifles.

It is illegal to possess firearms of any kind if addicted to controlled substances and/or alcohol.

It is illegal to possess firearms of any kind if an individual has a history of repeated violent criminal charges and/or behaviors.

It is illegal to possess, carry, or sell firearms on any school property, school bus, and/or at any school sponsored events off campus to include but not limited to football games and prom.

It is required that any individual who wishes to purchase, carry, and/or possess a firearm must complete a handgun safety and instructional course prior to making the initial purchase.

Permits must include the name of the individual for who it is issued. It must also include their address, phone, the make and model of the firearm including caliber. This permit is required to be on their person at all times.

It is illegal to possess, purchase, transport, or sell firearms on school property. This is not limited to only public schools. This includes private school as well as universities. This includes all school sponsored events and school buses.

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