How To Claim if Injured Passenger in a Road Traffic Accident

Whether you were a passenger on a bus, in a taxi, or even a passenger in a friend’s or family member’s car, it is fair to say that any accident you may have unfortunately been involved in, wasn’t your fault if you were a passenger.

Most road traffic accidents that happen are due to the negligence of the person in control of one of the vehicles involved, meaning you as the passenger are completely innocent in the vast majority of circumstances. If you have suffered an injury, loss, damage, and/or considerable inconvenience as a result of an accident, you are well within your legal right to seek compensation from the negligent party.

You may have been involved in a road traffic accident that involved a pedestrian, a cyclist, a stray animal, or maybe the driver of the vehicle you were a passenger in suddenly lost control, for one reason or another, causing a collision. Maybe there was no actual collision at all? In any event, you, the innocent passenger, minding your own business, had no control of the situation/accident and therefore somebody could possibly be held responsible for any damages you have sustained.

Because passengers involved in road traffic accidents are more often than not innocent, insurance companies can be quite cooperative when dealing with passenger claims. The insurance companies of the parties involved will sometimes deal with passenger claims on a without prejudice basis. What this means is that the insurance company will deal with the passenger’s claim even if liability is still an issue, i.e. the representatives of the parties involved are yet to decide who is at fault for the accident. When liability is no longer an issue (one of the parties admit fault for the accident), the at-fault party will be responsible for paying out any compensation awarded to the innocent parties involved – in this case, you, the passenger!

So if you are an innocent passenger who has unfortunately suffered injury, loss, damage and/or considerable inconvenience as a result of a road traffic accident, you may be entitled to an award of compensation.

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