Trade Secret Lawyers

A trade secret is information that a person or business uses to its financial advantage. This information is usually unavailable to the general public, and the person or business holding it prefers to keep it that way, which differentiates it from patents and trademarks. A trade secret attorney uses the legal system to keep this information from leaking to the general population.

What is a TRADE SECRET Attorney?

Trade secret lawyers handle the legal aspects of cases involving a process, design, practice, or formula used and kept secret by a business. A trade secret attorney is hired if a company’s trade secret has been copied. Trade secret attorneys work out all the paperwork in order to formulate a trade secret contract. A trade secret lawyer should also know the exact law for the state in which the claim occurred, since the laws vary from state to state. Trade secret lawyers should be contacted for all formal legal advice.


A trade secret lawyer handles the legal bureaucracy of creating a formal trade secret agreement as well as defending a party or individual if a trade secret contract has been compromised. If you are involved in any legal case regarding a trade secret, you should probably contact a trade secret attorney for legal advice. Though it might seem costly to hire a trade secret lawyer, it is worth doing so for legitimate legal advice.